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      Welcome to the our kite archives, a growing listing of all kites produced on a commercial or specialty level, with as much info as we can find including (when available) MFR link(s), YouTube videos, photos and essential product info. Members are encouraged to add their own reviews, modifications, tips, photos, videos, stories and history for any of the kites. All submissions will be held for admin approval. Click the "Advanced" link next to our search box on this page to search for kite(s) by name or manufacturer, be sure to select the kite archives category under "Find in forum".
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      Just above the first (opening) post in any topic, on the right side of the page, you'll see a row of stars where you can rate any kite listed in the archives 1 through 5... Please do so only if you've actually had experience on a kite, as all ratings should represent a balance of value, performance and overall flight experience.
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      Our goal is to develop and assemble a comprehensive list of all kites ever produced, either in the mainstream (Rev, Quantum Pro, Beetle, etc) or specialty (AeroStar, California WASP, Sea Devil)... From Rainbows, Skynasaurs and Peter Powells to Psychos, Geminis and Vipers, let's see 'em all! There is a single line section too of course, and we'd love to see it grow too, even though it isn't our strongest area of knowledge. Want to add a kite to the archives? It's easy! . Add a new topic with the kite name as Topic Title and the manufacturer name as Topic Description... Looks like:
      Topic Title: Nirvana
      Topic Description: by R-Sky
      . At least one photo of the kite is required (attached to the post) for visual identification purposes.
      . Bonus content, which is always extra appreciated...
      . Designer's name Link to MFR web site Link to YouTube video of kite in flight Info about models (i.e. super ultralight, ultralight, standard, vented)
      .   Thanks folks, I'm looking forward to watching this archive grow!
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Premier - Sweetie (Rokkaku)

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What a fun kite to fly and watch! The Sweetie (Rokkaku) by Premier is a smaller sized Rok at 46x56in. but flies just like one of the big boys. Kids would love this kite due to the Anime style graphics. I was flying her over the 4th of July weekend, and kids kept pointing at it saying "pokemon!" The Sweetie flies great and once it's in the air it is rock steady. rated at 5-18mph, it's flight characteristics can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the bow lines. The Sweetie has become one of my favorite kites because of it's awesome flight characteristics and it's cool anime graphics - A great kite for beginners and young kids, the Sweetie comes ready-to-fly with line and winder.

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I have the Tsuke and like it ALOT very popular when flying. I am a big Rok fan and it is one of my favorites.

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