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Just started on a cool new project!

We're working to develop a growing listing of all kites produced on a commercial or specialty level, with as much info as we can find including (when available) MFR link(s), YouTube videos, photos and essential product info.

Initially divided by dual, quad and single line, I'm sure it will eventually branch out into sub-sections like indoor, vented, etc.

Members will be encouraged to add their own reviews, modifications, tips, photos, videos, stories and history for any of the kites.

You can also rate (1-5 stars) any kite once it's added to the archives, so we'll have a running tally of ratings, comments and content from our forum members, all of which will serve as an incredibly rich and comprehensive listing of kites for years to come.


Here's where we're at now:

Many hands make light work, and I know there are quite a few authentic kite junkies here who might get a kick out of participating in this little venture.

The actual minimum details I've deemed necessary to first enter a kite is the product name, company name and photo.

Bonus items would include the designer's name, a YouTube video, specifications from the MFR's website, link to the MFR's product page, etc.

This is NOT limited to high-end kites... Be Bop, Nirvana, Fire Dart, Wizard, Viper, Cheetah, CA Wasp, you name it, we want 'em listed! :)


I'm looking for a few good fliers who wouldn't mind dropping a few minutes into this every now and then...

We'd be quite productive at that rate, since it takes about 60 seconds to add a new kite with the minimum details.

I think I'd like 10-12 people all told, to get good coverage from all the various styles, etc. :D

If you're game, I'd be deeply grateful if you'd send me a PM through the forum...

From there, it's kind of a probationary thing... I'll provide you access to the Kite Archive portion of the forum and let you have a look around, read the notes there, and see exactly what you're getting into... Again, it's SO simple and easy, but I'm sure some would like to see before saying they'd like to help. :P

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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