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I'm a brand new kite flier who is interested in learning as much as she can about kites. If you can give me good recommendation for a website or if you can supply me with some info that would be great! I want to know about single and dual line kites and also all the different types there are. I am also planning to attend the Long Beach Kite Festival in Washington State. Also, I plan on visiting the World Kite Museum in Long Beach as well. Thanks!

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I think you've found a pretty good resource right here on Kitelife...

We've got an extensive archive of magazines, the largest online collection in the world:

Kitelife - http://www.kitelife.com/magazine (12 years of bi-monthly)

Kite Lines - http://kitelife.com/...ads&showcat=114 (30 years of quarterly)

SKQ - http://kitelife.com/...ads&showcat=113 (4 years of quarterly)

There's also our newly developing kite archive which has a growing listing of kites...


Our video listings on YouTube...


Don't forget the 20,866 posts we have here on the forum, which can be searched here.

And of course, when you have any specific questions, ask our friendly forum members! :)

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