Genesis UL

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Genesis UL by Level One

Wingspan: 90"

Height: 41.5"

Wind Range: 2-12Mph


I had the pleasure of flying this kite for a couple of weeks (thanks T!!), and this was a great kite all around. Precision flying was insane!! Freestyle tricks were a snap! Just flying patters and maneuvers was a joy :wacko: .

You can make adjustments to each bridle leg individually, due to the pigtails that are larksheaded to the frame upon which the bridle is attached. Great for pulling the nose up, down, in and out to achieve the desired effect.

Great kite,, just a great kite. :D

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WOW!! Jon.....

(now that I finally got High Speed Internet) That's Amazzzzing!!

I have truly been inspired by that video!! I will probably never be able to be so much "at one" with things as that guy is...(just don't have that much time left...heehee!) But, "remarkably" every now and then as I was watching that video I said to myself, "Yes...I can do that one!!"

There is something truly outstanding to me when I see someone like that!! I can't think of anything more impressive in my life!

Thanks for sharing that with us.

Keep It Up!


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