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Hello John and all you folks in Kitelife land! This is ROBIN in Colorado. I'm founder of the new Rocky Mountain Kite Association. Please refer anyone inquiring about kiting in the Denver or Colorado area to us. Our first major Festival will be "One Sky, One World" on Oct. 11th. at the Stapleton Central Park (former site of Denver's Airport).

Thank You, John, and all you Kiter Friends on Facebook!!


(that is the link to RMKA, I hope it works)


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Originally, I took over the fees to be Organizer of Rocky Mountain kiteboarding Association on Meetup.com We have 88 or so Kiters subscribed to that Group. Now I decided to use this as a Foundation to build a Kite Club here in Denver, which is ACTIVE, and answers any questions regarding Kiting here, and assists with festivals large and small. We represent ALL forms of Kiting, but we do acknowledge that Kiteboarding is the most popular form of kiting now by far.Thus, I incorporate Kiteboarding into this Association, to attract anyone interested into Kiting in general.( we can call it "trainer Kites" that makes all kiting palatable to the "post-4069-125015330402_thumb.jpgKiteboard genre"


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