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Yea im already very anxious I talked to the kite shoppe today she said that she was pretty sure that barry was in town and that i should have it within 2-3 weeks. Im unsure of how busy he is but hopefully the 2-3 weeks is accurate.

Its gunna be beautiful.

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Here is a picture of it in Bazzers lair. The only other ones I have of it were taken by Choccy and have my Wife in them. She (my Wife) has treatened to cut a couple of bits off me I would rather hang on to if I post the ones with her in them.

It was a few weeks wait with the postage and stuff, and of course me making my mind up on what else I wanted from Rev at the time.

Think I first spoke to Bazzer about it start of March, ended up getting it end of April, what with me keep adding stuff to the order.

How long did you wait to recieve your pro baloo? What colors did you get and can you post a picture of it.

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