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A great loss, Erv Crosby...

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Received this from Maggie Vohs at the KTAI yesterday...

Long time KTAI member, and good friend to many of us, Erv Crosby of Four Winds Kite Shop in Everett, WA has passed away.

Gail and Erv Crosby have been loyal KTAI members since 1992, with Gail serving on the KTAI Board of Directors for several years; and Erv always a positive, active force in his own retail endeavor; and in helping others. I think many KTAI Exhibitors can attest to the help Erv has given them over the years at Trade Show; always eager to help with set up and tear down; and to disassemble and pack endless stacks of kites.

Gail and Erv are the embodiment of what you want in an association member. They are honest, forward thinking, can-do people. They quickly reached out to others to share their kiting experiences, and reveled in the enjoyment of kiting and the people in the business.

KTAI will miss Erv, and our thoughts are with Gail and their family. In addition, Erv was a personal friend of mine; a smiling face you always looked for whenever you were at a kite event – I will miss him.

Maggie Vohs

Executive Director, KTAI

If you want to call or send something, please feel free to do so. I spoke with Gail this morning and she allowed me to publish this contact information

Gail Crosby

4002 Federal Ave.

Everett, WA 98201


Erv owned Four Winds kite shop and manufacturing (Nebula, NOS, etc), always super friendly and very knowledgeable about the industry... Erv's memory lives on... My heart goes out to Gail and the rest of his family.

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I have some dual line kites made by Erv Crosby, would anyone be interested in them?

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I would certainly be interested in seeing what you've got. There aren't many Four Winds kites out there, I'm actually pretty surprised to see a random response to this 5 year old post. Especially since I just let my set of Nebulas fly to a new care-taker !

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