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Favorite indoor kites?

John Barresi

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Under the Christmas tree this year is a Rev indoor and a Focus Skate ... both in custom colors ... blue!!

Paul and Lisa taught me how to fly the Skate ... seems so simple, but looks like it'll keep me interested for awhile. Big Mike has let me fly his indoor twice ... both times in a hotel atrium. I'm looking forward to my own kite in a large gymnasium.

Limited experience, but there it is!!!



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My favorite Indoor is the Benson Innerspace. When nothing else will fly, I get the Innerspace out. :)

Second - Blue Moon 61/49. This kite has got to be the most fun you can have indoors with your clothes on. :)

Third would be the Flying Wings Aerobe - been playing with this one a lot lately and having a kick of a time with it.

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LoL. total spam post, but John. lol... I Love your new avatar. hehe

As for indoor kites? Never flew one. Would my Cherry Bomb count? lol :) In all seriousness, I've been thinking about reframing my Cherry Bomb for indoor. I was tweaking the bridle (had it all messed up from years ago when I attempted [in my n00bness] to rebridle the damn thing), when I decided to shorten the upper spreader by 1/2" (the upper LE looked a bit bowed). I went out to fly her, and it was like a new kite. Very precise. I even pulled off a clean jacobs ladder rung, which I am still struggling with on my Widow. lol Winds were 2-5Mph tops, and I was using 50# 80ft lines with absolutely no trouble at all -- thats what got me thinkin of re-framing for indoor.


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I didn't know you flew indoors Kent!

Guess we can always learn something new, eh? :)

Hadn't heard of the 61/49, have a URL for info on it?

confused_1.gifconfused_1.gifconfused_1.gif Haven't heard of it??? Wow, don't know what to say..... I don't think I have ever been in a situation where I knew something that you didn't...I got to stall for a moment and take this in....so that's what it feels like....wow.... : ) LOL

Blue Moon 61/49 - Indoor / outdoor zero wind kite

How the name for this awesome kite came around (quoted from Ken McNeil & his website):

The name 61/49 is inspired by the legend of 1930's blues man Robert Johnson. Robert was a solid but unexceptional musician with a strong desire to be the best that ever lived. One dark Mississippi midnight, Robert met the devil down at the crossroads and made a deal for the talent to be the best in exchange for his soul. That crossroads? You guessed it, the intersection of routes 61 and 49. As for Robert Johnson, he died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 27, having recorded only 42 "takes" of 29 songs. His music, however, has lived on to inspire and influence many musicians, including Keith Richards and Eric Clapton. Of course, the story of Robert Johnson and the crossroads is a legend, some say a fairy tale. I see it as a metaphor for change, and for making a decision to move in a new direction, even if there might be a cost. For Blue Moon, the 61/49 represents not only a new kite, but a change in philosophy that might just impact everything we do. A crossroads, if you will.




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it is almost against my rule to "pick" a preference from my beloved ones.

each kite is great in different ways. since we started indoor flight Jan 2008,

we attracted some really wonderful kites under the same umbrella as "windless flyable".

For my personal pleasure, i really enjoy flying the hovarth kites big or small. (http://www.horvath.ch/)

Skate and Manta by Focus were very much sentimental for me.

Skate had been the first love for me to come back to single line kites and i always remember one morning flying skate in my neighborhood to the music and feel so in love with it dancing in the air with me.

getting our manta (taking us a while to figure out our colors right there in the studio) marked a new stage

for us to have our own "show kite" (grand!) indoor or out, and it was one very sweet fly that i shared with Wen in YMCA 2009 (+ Scottie, Archie, and Glenn.)

i would love to learn to fly rev indoor better (it may help if i have one... )

while long waiting in the airport, i always enjoy flying "the zen gliders" (i have three sizes) made by Daryl.

I shall not forget "Bai" (by Stephen Hoath ) was a special gift (and it helped me to see how single line can be "sporty")......

speaking of romance, i am so looking forward to be in love with iTrix in action... and of course, rev/quad.

patience... passion....space....



intuition, imagination, inspiration

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Only have 1 that is considered indoors, and have never flown it indoors yet. :)

A prism 3D.


Thanks Ken for reminding me of "DeeDee" (Prism 3D), my most neglected kite. I've gotten so involved with these other duals and (my wife's) Rev., that I forgot about her!! :)

I was out today, but the wind was too light to even put "Destiny" (Nirvana UL) in the air...which means it was next to nothing...so I took "DeeDee" for a spin! She flew like this almost-no-wind was made for her. I forgot how nice that little kite is. And with all I've learned on the other kites, I was able to do some tricks with her I couldn't do before...and she loves to float!! :)

The only problem I have with her is getting tangled up in the whisker ends that protrude out the bottom of the sail. I figure I'll put some tape on them, angled down to the sail...unless you've come up with a better way? :confused!:

And I suppose she could fly in no-wind too, as you mentioned, but that would probably take a younger or more experienced man then myself!! ;)

Keep It Up!


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I Personally have always trusted my VAPOR for indor flying on 15 to 20 foot lines MAX!~!

I just got the new 4d and I have a 3d by prism. The 3d is great on 15' However Any to linw kits your going to to have to work your Ass off and be sure of your movements. Simple, Exact, things are meant to be.

I not yet tried the Skate but Ive watch the video and it looks Fun.

I Can almost fly a "REV" in the wind. No wind however. is asking wayyyy to much. What do you think there John my Friend ;) do you hear a "Impact" coming here shortly???

Fast Eddy

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