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Happy New Year one and all!

I read the thread that asked if we talk about kites here anymore, and here it goes.

How is winter kiteflying going? Here is the NW we have hit the raining season and it does make it a little more difficult. However I have done the most winter kiteflying this year with team TKS as we practice every Sunday here at Delta Park. You get use to the rain if it is not to hard, what gets me is the wind that wants to drag me away from the team :) Thank god for the vented Shiva! Still does not keep me off my butt though. :) It has been a while since I have flown a dual with all my quad line flying, but I am having a blast getting back into it, flying with the team, and gaining the experience.

Take care everyone,



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Happy New Year!

Actually the winter flying isn't too bad. There was a rough team practice a couple weeks ago in the high winds, but the Saturday before was absolutely perfect. I got some serious flying done on some serious kites. I even got to fly some new kites last week that aren't even out yet in the Genesis and the Delta drive. The New Year looks promising.


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Winter flying is pretty much restricted to weekends. It's getting dark when I get home from work (4:30 pm). However, this weekend has seen NO wind. Just -20 degree celcius temperatures :)

So, right now I'm prepareing for building another kite. This one is rather long so I need to figure out how to make room for cutting 4 meter (13 fee) long pieces. This kite is a 4m X 3.2m FF04a Florform. Harold Prinzler Plans

The unique thing will be that I'm adding a long loop tail made of chain link I haven't decided on the size of the chain tail yet. Probably around twice the size as in that plan.

Well, I'm off to start taping pieces of posterboard together. 4 meters long by 1.5 meters wide of it :)

Happy new year :)



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We normally fly up here in the winter, but this year the mud just will not go away, so when it snows is our only chance to fly.

Drying out will take some time, but we have some of our lake back, so that's good.

We can always fly on the North Shore in the sand.

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It has been dry, but windless in these parts.

I have been able to really work on my low wind flying, which is a workout in itself. I have been able to pull of 360's on my Rev, so that has been exciting for me.

Working with the team is a blast and a new experience for me. It keeps coming together nicely and my team mates are wondeful.

All in all it has been an wonderful winter of kiting.


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