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Ivanpah, NV

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Ok...I'm lost again....somebody help!

I'm sure I read somewhere, that there'll be buggying going on in the desert, January 16th.

Anybody out there have any info on this?

After the 2003 KTAI in Primm, it was scheduled for that weekend, but my flight was leaving that day, so missed it. :clap;



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I don't know of any "official" event planned for Ivanpah on the 16th but have heard that there will be several who will be out there all weekend. I am planning on being out on the lakebed that weekend (weather permitting, it is raining at the moment). The KTAI officially ends on Friday so if you wish to hit the lakebed on Saturday let me know and I will keep an eye out for ya.

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Courtesy of Corey Jensen...

No need to make “a run out there” as the lakebed starts just behind the hotels.

Besides, it is all wet.

Rained last week.

Then again yesterday – all day.

Supposed to again today, but not yet.

Then another storm scheduled for Friday.

If conditions permit, I like to offer something for the folks who have traveled so far to get here.

This time of year is usually pretty calm, so it’s only because the KTAI is here.

This is NOT sbbb.

That event (now renamed North American Buggy Expo – NABX) is coming the end of March.

Their web site is http://www.nabx.net

Per my upcoming trip to KTAI, I sent him an inquiry. :wacko:

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that is pretty good@ el mirage i check some pictures on the web site ,i think i can have some fun there.it's anyone know what's like @ the moment :) i got some time this weekend and the begining of next week, i like 2 drive up there and play :)

i better take the kite board also :(

please MR rain stop!!!!!

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