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Kite reviews have the problem of focusing entirely on the kite and ignoring the flyer.

For example in the Big Bang discussion, Mario objected to the reviewer's claim that the Big Bang needs 8mph to trick. His evidence was that he'd seen another flyer trick the Big Bang in non-existent wind. Light wind flying says more about the pilot then the kite.

Every time I read a review, I'm always curious about the author. What are his or her tastes. Mr. Scott from the Kite Shoppe, I know, is a trick flyer. The owner of Kite Life has a reputation as a precision/ballet flyer.

I'm also interested in the area that the reviewer lives in. Up here in the N.W. it's Prism country. Almost all of us, cut our teeth on Prism Kites. Flyers from the S.E. are fond of French Kites.

It's not surprising then that a Kite Shoppe from the N.W. wouldn't have much interest in New Tech kites. I don't know anybody in the area that has a New Tech Kite, but we all have Prisms.

The thing that get's my attention about a kite is its reputation or buzz, which is created by the pilots. It's the buzz that makes me curious about a kite. I have not heard any buzz on the New Tech Kites, therefore I'm not interested in them.

Fans of New Tech, like Mario talk em up. Why should I get a New Tech kite? Why do you find them so enjoyable? If I read enough positive comments about their kites, maybe I'll ask my local kite shoppe to get me one.


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The thing that get's my attention about a kite is its reputation or buzz, which is created by the pilots. It's the buzz that makes me curious about a kite.


Exactly, Jay. Sometimes there is so much pre-production chat about a kite...and then very little about a kite after it's released. Especially if you look at something like the STX series, for one example, and the tons of follow up interest and chatter on them.

If there's a New Tech kite out there that is sparking your interest, have no worries, Chris has assured us he will do everything possible to get it to us!

We would be more than happy to stock all the New Tech kites that our customers ask for!

As to more info on the pilot writing a review, make sure you tell us a bit about yourself, your flying style, where you fly etc....when you get around to writing one for the new Skyburner Delta Drive.... :clap;


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I tend not to take much stock in reviews unless I know the reviewer & their flying style.

I think reviews should be done by a team rather than one or two individuals.

It would be preferable to have at least 3 flyers with different styles & skill levels.

True there may be differing opinions & ratings,but I think it will still give a better OVER ALL real evaluation.

Also the flyers should be non affiliated with the manufacturer.

I dare say the manufacturer or builder has a bias opinion......heck ...I think I would too.

It isn't always possible to try before you buy.Still ....one can't or shouldn't decide solely on a review when it comes to purchase a kite.

The perfect kite for everyone else.....may not be ideal for me.It isn't just skill level either.

Geography also comes into play.

20km winds on the beach where you get clean,unobstructed(what i refer to as virgin) wind isn't the same in a park surrounded by trees & skyscrapers.

Again.....each kite has its day....depending on conditions.

THis is all nothing new to the seasoned flyers here I'm sure,but may help some newcomers.

Darn....I think I may have caught something from Mario.Who's running off at the mouth now...





I was just thinking......did I just get V.D. from Mario?



Good Winds


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I like the way you seem to have all of the kites nailed into the compass. I don't buy it, but it sounds real cool. I have spent enough time on GWTW reading about what people have in their bags and LOOKING at what they have in their bags on their WebShots pages. It is not often that I just see a page of one kind of kite.

As for which kite maker I am loyal to, you really cannot say.

I have no Big Bang, but I do have a Firecracker and a Dynamite. I have never flown the Dynamite yet.

I have a Flying Wings Hornet and a Flying Wings Yin Yang.

I have a CDC Ticket.

I have a Shanti Foxtrot

I have a "Go Fly A kite" Flag kite

I have a Ventura made by ???

I have a prizm Quantum. <Please don't say anything bad about this one!

And I have a Premier Addiction. <Still did not fly.

I want a CDC STX 1.8, but don't have the money, so I have shopped around. I looked at all kinds of low wind kites. I was really ready to buy the prism Flashlight (if you read the 0-12mph thread on The Kite Shoppe Forum, you will see), but I read about people flying the Desire in winds up to 10mph so I am thinking about the Desire now... LOL... maybe then you guys can call me a NTK guy.

I really don't see things the way you guys are looking at them. I hate for things to be twisted like this. I did what I thought was right for the kite. Now people know that the kite CAN TRICK IN LIGHT WINDS.

Oh yes and in my lifetime I have never deprived myself of a Ford, Chevy, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, or Dodge because of some screwed up loyalties.

Sure you can have a favorite kite... Kite maker, but that dose not mean you should fly only that kite, or that kind of kite. Do you wear your favorite color all over all of the time? That would be ridiculous. Try something new. Expand.

I'm sorry for starting up again, but please don't twist me up and expect me just to read the other replies.

FYI: I have been actively seeking stories about the Big Bang. I want to know what could be wrong with it and what people like about it. I don't know how (when some of you say you've been to my site) you seem to miss the very thing that would help. Take note of the date it was posted. I think we gave the kite plenty of flight time with everyone who got one.

Big Bang Experiences

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I read about people flying the Desire in winds up to 10mph so I am thinking about the Desire now...

OK, 2 more cents worth... The NTK "DesireUL" is a good kite, trust me -I have 3. It will fly very well in 1mph. :clap; But dont, dont, dont, take it into 10 mph unless you really tweak that bridle! :clap;

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Writing a review on a kite is hard. Not only do you have all sorts of elements to consider: Skill level and style of the flyer, field type, and regional tastes. Flying is a passion, which puts it on the emotional, non-rational, side of things.

A kite review is similar to a review of an album or song. Its easy to say a song is great but its hard to say why its great.

Its probably harder to do a kite review. A number of years ago and I can't remember which T.V. show, but a line was, "Describe the color blue". Which is impossible to do, but you can give hints.

Kite reviews provide hints about the characteristics of a kite. When you can't fly before you buy, a good review should give you an idea if the kite will fit into your style.

Reviews that are the most helpful, are the ones like a journal or diary where the author relates his or her experiences with the kite. What were the wind conditions? Initial impressions? How did those impressions change over time? How easy was the kite to fly and trick?


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Opinions in reviews are something that we need to see and so are facts. I agree that a good review is not easy to write. MAD KITERS is full of my early reviews (some of witch I have added to), but they are pretty much left as they were written.

Only the Hornet review is currant and even that review is a hollow one by most of your standards, but the only thing it is missing in my book are the complete set of tricks that it can do and what I was unable to do.

Mostly I think you are right Jay, but it would be cool if all reviewers could take a report writing class.

If our police officers wrote their reports with the same bias as some of these reviewers, we would have big problems.

Reviewers need to learn to write reviews in such a way that the reader can make up their own mind about the kite and if they should buy it.

Facts should fill the review, but as I said before opinions are needed too. In order not to get fact and opinion mixed up, I think the words In my opinion should always come before spouting an opinion. Placing the word Fact before a fact would be cool too.

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Which is the better band, the Beattles or Rolling Stones? What criteria are you going to use? No matter who is picked, there will be a large audience that will disagree with the choice.

Now what is the better kite, Nirvana or Stx? Again what is the criteria?

It would be great if we could bring objective standards to a subjective sport. The only thing objective about our sport is the kite's specifications and length of the line.

The rest of the sport uses vague terms like, balance, speed, pull, precision. After that a kite is put through a bunch of tricks and we get fuzzy phrases such as flat axels, fast and slow axels, deep fade.

These terms and phrases hint at the character of the kite. They can't define it, that only happens when I get to fly the kite. But those hints help me in deciding my kite purchases.

In our sport which is so subjective and passion plays such a big part. People say stupid things, when they feel that their preferences are not respected.

The group I struggle with the most are the French Fanatics. Their attitude seems to be if its not French, then its no good. They point to the success people have had flying French kites in competiton as proof their kites are the best in the world.

French kites are very nice, but just as the French did not invent cooking, they did not re-invent the kite. Every kite maker has their own style of flying. Their kites reflect that style. Right now the French style is currently in vogue.

Half the fun of being a newby in the sport, (Which I still am) is trying out the different kites to see which ones fit my style of flying. So far its been Blue Moon Kites.

As my style develops I'm sure my kite choices will get pickier and pickier, till I find the set of kites that best reflects my style. Until I get there, I might as well enjoy the journey


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