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Buying first Kite

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The one you're looking at seems to fly (i.e. steer) alright from the video, but I wouldn't expect it to do more than steer and spin (both fun in their own right).

And for $24, it won't be a real loss in any case... Enough to get in the sky and fly around, for sure.

The big one doesn't look like it's very nimble at all, not a single loop or tight turn in the video, looks a little bloated flight-wise.

Let us know what you experience once your new kite has been broken in, eh? ;)

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It's mostly design, aerodynamics.

Also, it's not just getting the kite to flip, it's also a matter of how it behaves once you've got it in that flipped (fade or turtle) position.

Wind + surface angles + shape + weighting = result

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40 euro comes out to about $52.00 plus shipping & customs. This will put the price around 75-80 bucks minimum. For that price, you could add on about 10 bucks more and get a Prism Quantum which is a fantastic kite and parts are very easy to get from basically any shop. Another kite would be the Premier Wolf running about the same price that is an incredible kite that tricks excellent.

For 75-80 bucks you can also find the Flying Wings Acrobatx, also available from pretty much any decent kite shop, comes with lines, straps and the Acrobatx won the 2006 kite of the year award from the KTAI. Fantastic tricking monster of a kite that you can surely grow with. You can find plenty of awesome reviews about the Acrobatx on this site. You can purchase an Acrobatx from us here if you don't have a local kite shop in your area:

Flying Wings Acrobatx from A Wind Of Change

Not that the Genesis is a bad kite or anything, but I think you can purchase a kite for nearly the same price here in the states that will be as good or better...and get it in 2-3 days without the hassle of international shipping.

Hope that helps.

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I have a Premiere Wolf that I dont use much, broke the spine at the nose end and did a quick and nasty repair on it with a bit of wooden dowell I found to trim down to fit. Worked though, got it up and flying again.

Shame I live the wrong side of the pond, could have done a sensible deal with you.

Oh well, hope you get something sorted out soon.

Better to save for a bit longer and get a kite you will not grow out of in the first couple of Days.

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Yep, quite a few folks flying over here. Fairly popular Festivals. Then all the folks out flying with thier kids too.

I dont fly all that much. Enjoy the relaxation it gives me though. Fly Revs mostly. Although have 4 Delta stunters and a couple of soft foils too.

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