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Kite Aerial Photography/Video with Nokia devices: Nokia PUSH

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Hi Kitelife!

I’m Matt and work as the community manager for the Nokia PUSH project. I wanted to introduce myself and hopefully get to know a few of you before the project officially launches.

Over the last year, PUSH has been a platform for Nokia to support the hack and mod community, namely people that want to make amazing objects from Nokia phones.

Last year we had an awesome Kite Aerial Photography rig using the Nokia N900 developed and built by Ricardo Mendoça Ferreira that you might've seen in previous issues of Kitelife.

We’re just about to launch the next phase of PUSH and wanted to give you guys the opportunity to get involved.

I'll post back up here with more details soon, but in the meantime feel free to check out the PUSH blog with all the details on how Ricardo brought his KAP rig to life:


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Push KAPing - What would you do with it?

Check out the Push KAPing (Kite Aerial Photography) prototype video! The Nokia Push project is a celebration of ingenuity and open technology, and we've developed a prototype designed to work with the Nokia N8 that push the boundaries of what the device can do. By using two Nokia N8s that communicate with one another, filmmakers can now fly one from a kite rig whilst using another on the ground to not only see, but also control exactly what is being shot in full HD from above.


We now have 4 PUSH KAPing prototypes to give away to anybody who can inspire us with a creative treatment of what they would do with one. We've created this film to show what's possible. What would you do with it?

Submit your ideas at http://nokia.com/push - You could win a KAPing prototype, N8 handset and up to $1000 in funding for your idea!

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