whidbey island and Lincoln City fall

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hum... i have not been on for sometime and this seems quieter then i'd remembered.

so we are two traveling artists/kiteflyers from Taiwan, spent our summer in North East.

On our way back home this fall, we will visit Whidbey Island and Lincoln City Fall Kite festivals.

we would love to visit local flyers or host family during our N.W. trip.

if anyone is interested in putting us up, we are really easy guests who are happy to meet the locals.

we will have a rental car so pretty much independent.

would love to hear from anyone who is up for hosting us.

if not, we will see you there.

Litsong Lu

wherever you go, there you fly.

also on facebook

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I talked to Mary yesterday and she says you will meet up with them at Whidbey! ;)

(I emailed some ferry reservation info to you)

I'm not sure if I can make it to Whidbey Festival yet. But I will let you know.

Are you flying into Seattle or PDX???? and let me know when!



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dear T:

enjoyed WSIKF? i still remember then.

we are flying into seatle (closer to whidbey), 9/23.

we've got the first night covered.

now need to look into the rest of N.W. trip.

after whidbey, we may drive to Vancouvor BC, canada

to visit my sister's family.

then we head down to your direction.

have not figure out the detail and driving yet, my brain is still on the east coast.

we have an unschooling conference this week then switch to Sep.

any tips on where to stay for the LIncoln City fall kite festival? i have never been there.

John F. talked me into this side of the trip.

so looking forward flying with the N.W. flyers.

we are very excited to be with you again, it has been almost 3 yrs.



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we enjoyed the whidbey island kite festival with great fun and excitement.

now we will look into Lincoln city fall kite festival.

yet to reserve the lodging.... hope the inspiration come within a week.

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