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As most of you know, I own a Prism JAZZ. I really love this little kite, but iv had many people tell me that such a kite is hard to trick, and is more of a pattern runner. Which leads me to this post. Now that i have had a little bit of fun with a kite, and I have decided that I DO enjoy flying them, I would like to get myself a better kite. What are good *trickers* that run between 50-150$? I have heard people talk about the 4D, and the E3, Any thoughts on these? I am open for all suggestions! Iv been looking on Ebay, but i cant find much for sale.

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I bought a 4D at the Portsmouth fest here in the UK.

Not had too much chance to fly it, and I am not a good pilot.

However, spars are tiny thin things, there seems to be almost no weight to it at all and it comes in quite a nice package with lines and finger handles with a semi hard case that is real short and should fit in any suitcase easily.

First flight impressions, it wants to fly in almost no wind, however will still be there when it picks up a bit. I was happily flying it in winds I could hardly feel on my face.

I would think it would trick well. I was a bit abrupt with my hand controls a couple of times and it flipped about quite quickly in the air. I managed to do a trick without even knowing what I was doing, and found it easy to recover from.

I can not comment on its trick-ability properly, however it is my impression it would. There are no yoyo stoppers on it. There is like a quick release for the LE ends that is pretty neat.

I like it anyway, especially as it was not too expensive either.

I was suprised at how small it is though. Dont let that put you off buying it. It is a real light wind kite.

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In the hands of a skilled pilot, the 4D can trick fairly well. This kite is incredibly light on the lines though and it is hard to get the feel of it without flying it for a good amount of time. It is designed to fly indoors and in the lightest of winds but can handle some stronger gusts should that happen.

For tricking in near non-existent wind then the 4D is a great kite but it is delicate to control, hand motions/inputs need to be tended to very closely. If you are looking for a kite to trick in winds from say....1-2 mph up to around 8 mph, I highly recommend the HQ Shadow. This kite can be found just a tad bit above that 150.00 mark and is worth every penny. Very nicely made, sail is PC31 Icarex and it is super light. An experienced pilot can trick it down to 1 mph with a little work but it should fly and trick fine in 2-5 mph winds with very little work. I wouldn't recommend winds above 7-8mph with it. The Shadow is close to a 7' wingspan as well so you get a lot of kite for a very good price.

If you do decide on a Shadow, move the tow point towards the nose about 1 inch right out of the box. For some reason these kites are shipped with the bridle set in the heaviest position and will probably need to be adjusted for best flight. Easy to do though so not anything serious. :kid_smartass:

Link to the HQ Shadow

Hope this helps.

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The shadow looks like a very nice kite indeed! I was watching videos of it just now. Just for options reasons, are there any kites that are like the shadow, but are more colourful?

I like colour =)

There are hundreds of good kites in that price range! for example:

DREAM ON STUNT KITE--by Sky Dog 110.00

SWEET EMOTION-Stunt Kite-by-Sky Dog 162.00

CROSS FIRE-Stunt Kite--by -Sky Dog 125.00








Prism E2 139.00

All these kites would be a big improvement over your Jazz.

Check Ebay, all the above prices include shipping

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I was referring specifically to the Shadow as the OP was asking about a light wind or UL type kite and looking for something less than 150.00. Of the light wind kites that I have flown, the Shadow is one of the best that still fit in the requested budget.

The kites you have mentioned are all excellent kites and are indeed a large step up from the Jazz in performance.

Of the ones listed, the Acrobatx UL is probably the only one that I would also recommend. The Silver Fox UL's are very nice but in my opinion, are not the best UL kite and are more like a lightweight standard. Still, the Acrobatx UL is not nearly as good in 1-2 mph winds as the Shadow and is slightly on the heavier side of the scale. I would say its bottom end wind range is around the 3mph mark for the average pilot with normal light wind skills.

The Nik Nak fits right in with the 4D as far as performance and may be a little nicer as far as quality goes, but it is still very limited in the amount of tricks it can do compared to the Shadow. It will fly in zero winds though where the Shadow would be very difficult to fly indoors (IMO).

The only other kite that comes to mind that is in the requested price range would the the Desire UL. That one has a bit more color and also flies very well in the lightest of breezes. Oh, and speaking of Breezes, the HQ Breeze is another very nice light wind kite that may work but I have only very limited time on it myself. The Breeze I flew seemed to have a ton of oversteer but once you got use to it, it was quite nice to fly.

For my light wind flying, I have two kites that battle for which one gets pulled out of the bag. The Skyburner Ocius UL and the Widow Maker UL. Both above the $150.00 mark but both are incredibly awesome and (IMO) the best UL kites on the market at this time.

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I was just letting him know that there is a wide range available, I've bought and sold many kites and I totally agree with you on all your opinions.

I did not like the Desire UL although it fly's very well in light wind I found it very hard to trick. ( not that I'm an expert) IMHO

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Wow, thank you so so much for your inputs! I am seriously considering the Acrobatx, or the Acrobatx UL. I just watched a few youtube videos with the UL, that thing can trick really well it seems. The standard is more affordable, but in the end, would the UL be a better decision? Windless days seem to plague me lately. How much of a difference is it really between an UL and a standard? Because the Standard Scrobatx is rated at 3, whereas the UL starts at 1. Is that 2mph a huge difference?

Thank you again, all of those kites looked fantastic!

Or maybe i should just save and get the silver fox ul?

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My choices are:


AcrobatX UL

Silverfox 2.3

Silverfox 2.3 UL

Silverfox 2.5

Silverfox 2.5 UL

All of these kites seem very similar, I am not sure which one to pick!

Comparing the videos between the Acrobatx UL and the Silverfox 2.5 STD (There is an UL Video also, but the STD video showed more capabilities, I am assuming the 2.3, 2.3UL, and 2.5 UL fly similarly)

I like the AcrobatX UL much more.

Help please. Pros/cons?

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Generally speaking, the extra 2mph of wind range at the bottom is HUGE. Don't believe that the standard Acrobatx can fly in 3mph, either. You would be spending all of your energy moving backwards and pumping your arms, there wouldn't be any tricking before 5-6mph. I think you should think twice about the Shadow. Forget about how a kite looks... it's how it flies.

The Shadow will actually fly in next to nothing and trick at 2-3 mph of wind. The only thing I didn't like about it was the oversteer. It's very similar to the Exile UL in that respect, and the wind range is similar, too. I'm a huge fan of the Shadow, mine is out on loan right now, and I miss it all the time.

I would skip the 4D, it's too small and fragile to be much fun, although there are some people out there that can get it to do amazing tricks, it takes years of practice to get even close to that good. If you're just flying a Jazz right now, you really need to be looking at getting a full sized kite as your primary goal right now.

If you don't mind a used kite, a used Prism Zephyr would be a great kite for you, or if you can spend $200 (MSRP is over $250), I know where you can get a new one. It will get you flying in the low winds, and keep flying up until 15mph. Once the wind's up to 15mph, it's time to go home, anyway.

I don't have any of the SF line, but do have an Acrobatx. It flies great, it's almost full sized, but it breaks every time I take it out. I would never consider the UL, because the standard is so fragile. This is just my experience, but if you stick with Prism, you'll have alot less breakage.

If you're a Flying Wings fan for some reason, they also have the Airwave Zero that is right in your budget, full sized, and supposedly zero wind capable.

I will leave you with a picture of my favorite light wind kite to date... light wind flying is my favorite kind of flying, I have over 20 ULs & SULs, but this one kite could take the place of all of them...


post-786-003480200 1286190174_thumb.jpg

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Hello everyone!

I just purchased a Silver fox 2.5 UL in the Yellow.

Wish me luck!


Best of luck with that new wing ! I think you're going to enjoy flying full size, and would bet you'll soon be in the market for a full sized standard, as well. There aren't many things better than getting a triangle box in the mail...

Maybe this video inspired your choice ?

When I first saw this video, I came VERY close to buying a SF, too. JB's videos are an excellent sales pitch for whatever kite he's flying. His Sea Devil videos inspired me to buy 2 Sea Devils.


BTW... the black kite is a Fearless Tattoo. It tricks in 1-10mph wind.

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That video and this one (for the STD)

And this one almost made me get the AcrobatX, But i had many people say that the extra 30 or 40$ for the SF 2.5 was worth it. Its over a foot wider.

The only reason i did not get a standard is because i live in a valley with no large bodies of water or fields. So the wind here is very touch and go, and when its nice its really really light.


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