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Stealth kite

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If you frequent the Kitebuilder forum, you know that Barry Olgetree has helped get several hundred large foil kites in the air around the world during the last few years. He helped sponsor a Jordan 200 build, then a Pit Bull Dog build (75 sq ft) and lately a Stealth build (190 sq ft). Barry took pity on me last summer and cut a one-off Pit Bull Dog kite for me to build. What a learning experience that was. Enjoyed building it and flying it so much that I couldn't pass up participating in the Stealth build. It's really more kite than I wanted or needed, but geez when has that ever stopped any of us. Took about two weeks of sewing to complete it ... still on the steep part of the learning curve for building foils.

Took it out today and had a mini festival ... the Stealth, a Mini-Mock foil (20 sq ft), and two 5 sq ft foils for the grand kids to fly. If you want folks to do a double take, put 190 sq ft of nylon up in the air in a little town in the mid-west. Haven't had that many folks stop and watch since the first summer I started flying Revs in that field.



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