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Im still interested with the hornet and read your article I also ask the seller site to send me a closer picture of the plastic bridle adjust but it wasnt a close enuff shot so didnt see too much. any time I hear the word plastic I get scepticle thinking it could be breakable and wearout fast or in short "a mickey mouse sorta thing but on the other hand we use many plastic parts on our helicopters if thier not metal so can you tell me more about this plastic part or send a better picture ---thanx

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You need to go HERE and read the page... The website if you have the time, but for now just the page on the Dynamic Bridle. The Flying Wings Hornet uses this Dynamic Bridle and it self adjusts to your flying as you fly, so you can go from tracking to tricking without landing and making changes. I find it works great.

The clips are your wind speed adjustments.

The kite is a remarkable one in my opinion and I would not change the bridle. If I were to change anything on this kite I would add more slack line tricks to its bag.

I admit that I am not that great of a pilot, but I can fly. I just could not get the Hornet to fade to save my life. I did, however invent my own way of entering the fade, so it did fade and really good too.

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