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Hey, so i'm getting to try few tricks. I''ve learned it so far stalls, few basic landings and recoverys. I have been trying backflip, but whenever i try backflip, kite just starts to fall down and rotate... it even didnt turn over.. why? Things im doing. - flying kite above my head, keeping hands stright up, then im doing a pull +ducking and with my wrists _____(pulling? sorry, i dont know how to tell that in english..) Then it just starts to fall..

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Hi... Sounds like you might be trying for a "

" or "

It might be a "yo yo", "roll up" or "two pop roll up", but it doesn't sound like you're trying to wrap the lines all the way around the kite.

There are a wealth of video tutorials and reference videos (as linked above) that will really help shorten your learning curve, and perhaps help define what you want to learn.

Full tutorial archive from Randy Greenway -

Full tutorial archive from DPMama74 -

Full tutorial archive from kamiKazeDavid -

Let me know what you think of them?

And, the Fractured Axel tricks wiki -

Remember, some tricks are reliant on having a kite that is capable... What are you flying?

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im flying HQ-Salsa II . hmm, i think im gonna try to learn roll up ;) and i found my mistake on turtle(backflip) ;)

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Ahhh... I've not flown a Salsa II myself, but I'm pretty sure it is a beginner kite.

Definitely experiment and have fun, you should be able to do the Axel, fade, turtle, stall, maybe a backspin... But, I don't think it's capable of the more advanced tricks.

Never know though, feel free to prove us wrong! ;)

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