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Hey Everybody,

As most of you know has been working hard to document and archive all the past issues of Stunt Kite Quarterly "SKQ" and now Kitelines magazines. These are important projects to retain the history and heritage of our sport and make it accessible to new and old kiter’s alike. We all know to truly understand where we are and should be going, we need to know where it all came from.

These projects have been operating without any outside funding and on volunteered time.

Unfortunately these projects have exceeded their means and equipment. It is currently taking up to 15 hours to process one issue as it is being done on a small laptop that was not intended to perform this type of work and can only process two pages at a time.

I am calling for kiter’s and enthusiasts to help support this project. It is in desperate need of a new workstation to process these magazines. Additionally it will be used to bring you all the great things offers for years to come.

Here are the specifications of the system design:

CPU= AMD Athon64 3000+, Socket 939

Motherboard= Abit AV8

RAM= 2x 512MB Mushkin DDR400 = 1 Gigabyte total

Case= Apex TU-124 / Beige

Video= Nvidia Geforce-FX 5500 128MB AGP

Hard Drives= 80GB Seagate 7200.7 SATA for Operating & 120GB Seagate 7200.7 SATA for Storage and backup archiving

Optical Drives= Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM Beige, Lite-On 16x Double-Layer DVD+/-RW Beige

Removable= Mitsumi 1.44MB Floppy drive

Audio= Sound Blaster Live! 24bit for Video processing

I will be donating all the necessary software as well as providing all the erroneous supplies needed to build the unit. Additionally I will be providing support for it.

If you feel that this is a worthy project please click on the following link to make a donation to help fund this project. When you make the donation please type in the comments section that your donation is for the "Kite History Documentation Project". If you have one of the above components to donate please post your commitment for that part so we can keep track of what has been donated and we will make arrangements for shipping.

Kitelife donation page:

I am not affiliated with Kitelife, but I feel that it is a worthy project deserving our support. Thank you.


Todd S.


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