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I know some of you have been waiting anxiously for news on what will be happening with KiteMail, and here it is... Please read ALL of the following VERY thoroughly.

  1. Starting now, NEW email addresses can only be created with "Mail Plus" (paid) accounts... No new, free accounts are available.
  2. All existing accounts (FREE or PAID) will remain intact, these accounts will NOT be deleted, WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION (see item 3).
  3. On August 15th, we will be purging (DELETING) all accounts that have not logged in during the preceding 90 days... Once accounts are purged, there is no recovery possible.


So simply, if you have a KiteMail account and want to keep it, LOG IN to your account sometime between now and August 14th in order to keep it active.

Login URL - http://readmail.kitemail.com/

Regardless, we STRONGLY recommend you copy any important (saved) emails to hard copy or another email address just so you have back up... We don't expect any problems when we do the purge, but we cannot guarantee anything and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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I am content to let my account end. I just opened it to secure my usual username (pwmeek) against confusion. Years of doing this has protected that login; 7900 google hits, and very few are anything else.

If the KiteLife email system is like most others, that username will never be recycled whether the account is active or not. It will be one less account for the system to support.

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@kitemail is totally separate from @kitelife, the first was a FREE email service to the public, the second (connor@) is an email address I set up just for Connor.

I don't think you guys have anything @kitemail.com, just the Kitelife account, right?

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FYI all, this service's days are numbered - it's been limping along for years now, please consider this final notice that the remaining KiteMail accounts may be terminated in the very near future.

This should be no surprise, it's been well promoted as looming on the horizon for a long time now - I'm glad it was so useful and popular in its day. :)

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