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Hi everyone!

I've been flying kites for about twenty years now. I married into a kite family, and am happier for it. My first stunt kite was a blue plastic Trlby, that I still have to this day. Unfortunately, that's the problem. All of my Trlby's are getting long in the tooth, and as I'm sure some are aware, almost impossible to replace.

I started a project last year to replace all of my sails with ripstop, and so far I have two complete. I'm working on three new ones this year (that I'll have to post plans for).

Ask that to say my question is about tails. The Trlby tails are all tubes, and tubes in that size are apparently hard to come by, and expensive in ripstop. Is there any opinion on if the regular dynakite streamer tails will affect performance?

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Hi Fellsway!

I'm not a Trlby expert, but I've flown my share of kites for a long time...

As I understand it, the original tube tails are heavier (plastic vs ripstop) and cause more drag than flat tails.

I think as long as your new ripstop tails are of comparable length, and a couple of inches wide, the kites will likely fly fine.

Seems to me that the Dynakite tails are pretty darned similar in size (aside from being flat).

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Thank you for the responses. Kitelife - As soon as the next paycheck come along, I'll have to pick up those Dynakite tails. Above all, they're extremely cost effective. If I had to make my own, the price alone for 1 tail would break the bank, not considering the actual time it would take to put them together.

Pete - That's an extremely generous offer, and I'll be happy to take you up on it. I'll pay for any shipping costs (I'm assuming you have paypal). Sound like a fair deal?

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I don't know about the performance of Trlbys with Dynakite tails but I also am in love with Trlbys. Whenever I can find one I snap it up. I have a five stack, a three stack, and a single. My daughter has a two stack which she let's me fly once in a great while. I have a couple more that I am saving to cannibalize for parts as needed. Oh, how I wish they were still in production.

Keep us informed on the conversion to ripstop. I may have to do it, too. Just to keep the thrill alive.

Good luck.


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Good to see them in the air again - even if the parts I contributed are hidden.

EDIT: I have to ask about the order: I am so "science-bound" that seeing a spectrum (or even most of one) out of the normal order (ROYGBP) looks strange to me. Any special reason for reversing the order of the 4th and 5th kites?

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TRLBY kites are still for sale, new old stock, at a kite store in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I saw one on display last Saturday. They also have spare parts including plastic tube tails. No more ripstop nylon sails left, I got the last ones. But you can still get the poly sail kites. Many years ago the first stunt kites I ever saw were a TRLBY stack flown by Mr. Kligman when the store was located downtown at the Pavilion. Sadly the Pavilion area is empty now but the vision of those kites flying at night is a treasured memory of mine. It inspired me to buy my first sport kite.

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