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C. River / Brattleboro, VT


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well, it was yesterday, but i would like to share it here anyway.

yesterday in Brattleboro, we were on our way to Rhode Island.

with an urge to get to the river, i drove along Rt 30 till i find a place to pull over and walked into the river.

the river was very shallow and wide where we walked to the water.

i was ecstatic seeing such a perfect condition for kite flying

--- well, it's open, with trees along the river, beautiful scenery, crystal clear water with friendly rocks....

and, most of all, almost no wind.

i took out "de tomaso superleggera" (urban ninjia B, made by Thomas Hovarth) to fly with #4 yellow line,

first time in such a setting....

i walked into the river to have more clearing then start enjoying the gliding

windless above the water, and light breeze (maybe) when it soared higher.

perfectly satisfying.

i was able to get it high enough that i could sit in the water and chill.

i had so much fun and totally admire its flight.

moments like this mark a great inspirational impression on my soul.

after that, i took out my migi glider (30'', made by Sunny Lin) and use the same line

the flight was amazing.

most people take one look at the migi and imagine it is very fragile.

well, i can tell you i flew it effortlessly for quite awhile and was able to shoot the pictures while flying.....

i did, however, let it dip into the water for three times not necessarily unavoidable but

mostly because i was handling the HandyCam in one hand while flying the kite in low/zero wind in the river.

my good report is that the kite was not at all hurt and was able to fly out right away with a bit lift.

great memory i have, on a quiet saturday morning in Brattleboro, VT.

one stop on the road, not planned but better then planned.

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