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kiting in the chapel of a nursing home, RI


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kiting in the chapel of a nursing home.....

10 yrs ago, i would have not imagined these words together

3 yrs ago, we started indoor flying

1 yr ago it was a clear vision and desire to fly for those who are less free to

"go fly a kite"

one season ago, my prayer was answered and a special kite was created for my loud request.

today, "kiting in the chapel of a nursing home" is the title of my note.

yes, we volunteered ourselves when we saw a chance to do so.

with a commitment of a 20 minutes demo in the nursing home, we were invited to play out what we have been aksing for: fly in various space, for anyone who could use a LIFT (love in flight treatment).

with some music that we thought would be suitable for the space and the audience, we start flying very gently as the residents rolled in on wheel chairs.

we flew some and chat a little about kiting in fun memory and in new discovery as they were all very happily surprised to see how our kites glided with grace and tenderness.

they ask all kind of questions and we brought the kites for them to touch and see closely.

music rolling, i told them i will fly and they can talk about kites and anything while i am flying.

in stead of a show, i want ito be a moment with contacts and sharing.

as we were ready to end the session, i said if anyone wants to fly the kites, we would be happy to stick around.

one lady on the wheel chair with both leg up in bundles said she might want to try that. the organzier quickly nudged her "where else you get such a chance to do that!" so she rolled herself in.

i observed her movement and eagerness and we got her started with a migi 24'' wen had in hand.

she was excited and trying hard to figure out her range and bearings of the space, line and kite.

with a few trial and error, she was able to get enough feedback from the kite to learn rather quickly.

soon enough she was having a great time flying the migi!

we all cheered for her and jokingly said "how long have you been flying!"

she yelled " i am doing tricks!"

all laughters going around from witnessing her evolution in front of our eyes.

we came to entertain the residents, share with them what we love, what we know and what we have.

we finished the visit with a new chapter written and the story shared.

in sharing a LIFT, we are always LIFTED.

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Great story! ~ I'm sure it was a WINDerFULL experience for all! :sign_kitelife: Kudos to all the volunteers out there!!!!

windless for sure... and it's also a hot and humid day.

the woman who flew on her wheel chair with broken legs was sweating a lot and said she won't need to do physical therapy for the day.

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I was born in Newport, but left before kiting came into vogue!! It used to be a smaller town, centered on the Navy's presence there! Now it's become much more the "tourist trap" type of place!! Still have family in the area!!! smile.gif

well, my son Wen grew up every summer flying kites at brenton point park.

this summer, however, we have not even got that far to Brenton point.

we plan to go this sunday though....

that is our favorite field with good friends and memory but a bit far in heat and humidity.

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