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STOLEN: Prism Illusion #6 of 40

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Wasn't sure where to post this, so.....

My Prism Illusion was stolen at Ski Beach in San Diego, CA this weekend. It also had a set of Spoilerz with it in the little purple bag they came in.

Here are some pictures of my friend's identical kite. The only difference is that it will have #6 of 40 written on the sail.



If anyone sees it around, please give me a call. 714-321-3494.

The story behind the kite is that Monty Weston wanted me to have the kite, but I didn't have the money for it. After the kite community lost her, I decided that even though I couldn't afford it, that I had to have that kite. It took a long time to find it, but I ended up finding it tucked away in the closet at the kite shop. After I bought it, I was really torn about what to do with it, since it was such a special kite to me. I finally decided that I would fly it, but only on rare occasions. Since it had been so long since I had flown, I decided that this was one of those special occasions, so I took it out. The beach was packed, and I didn't end up flying this weekend, so I ended up leaving 5 kite bags out where our group was sitting. When I packed up I didn't really pay attention and didn't notice that the Illusion was missing until I got home and unloaded the car. That's when my heart sank. I am still in shock that it's actually gone.

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