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Need Help Choosing A Kite

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Okay, so I've gotten fairly good at controlling my Premier Vision and doing some small tricks with it, and I think I'm ready for an upgrade. I'm looking to get a kite in the next couple of weeks.

I don't buy online so I've basically got the brands Premier and HQ to work with. I'm not a big fan of HQ when it comes to stunt kites. My friend has an HQ Bebop and I don't like the way it flies in comparison to my Vision.

Basically I want a kite that I can advance my tricking with, but will have good handling and control, and by what I've been reading lately, it's the bigger the better for me.

So the four kites I have in mind are...

Premier Nighthawk.

Premier Wolf.

Premier Magnum.

Premier Widow.

It was suggested to me to check out the Nighthawk, but it's the smallest of the four I'm looking at, and I'm looking for something a little bigger. I like the Wolf and the Magnum, but I don't know much about either, other than that the Magnum is bigger and it's wind range is better, so if anyone can give me any information or has flown one before, I would appreciate some information on either of these. Right now I'm leaning toward the Widow, unless I find out something I really don't like about it.

Thanks in advance for any advice or information anyone can tell me about these kites.

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Of the kites mentioned, I guess the Widow would be the best choice, but why limit yourself ? The only way to get kites & supplies is online. You're really missing out if you shut out the online market. HQ has the Maestro and Shadow that are worth flying if you're going to stick with the HQ & Premier brands, but you're really settling for less...

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