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More conversion, issues coming online here!

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We're moving the old issues into our new forum format one by one!

#1 and #2 were already done, now we've got #3 finished...


Some galleries to go along with our first 3 issues...

We've got issues #4 and #5 mostly done, coming soon... #5 has been offline for several years, this is NEW/OLD content! :ani_victory:

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Finished issue #5 earlier today, now online...


I'm especially excited about this because issues 5-18 have actually been offline for a few years now.

Awhile I took over the magazine, I changed the format and had to manually copy content from the original format into our new one (at the time)...

A bit later, the whole Kitelife site was hacked and I had to rebuild from the ground up (much of it from the floor of TK's studio in Japan), once again transferring everything we'd done at that point to yet another format.

Since then, we've worked to put issues 1 through 4 and 19 through our current one online... Slow, hair-pulling work with actual manual creation of every web page.

This new format is SO promising, not only for it's interactive qualities, but also because the content will follow a single template, carried over automatically with every upgrade of this forum software... No more rebuilds from the ground up, and all right here under a single roof instead of spread across multiple formats.

So, just 75 more issues to copy over here and I'll be all caught up!

Of course, we'll need to do our new issues every couple of months while we're doing that. ;)

Anyway, thanks for being here, thanks for reading, I hope y'all enjoy it.

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Thanks Pete, that means a lot coming from you. :)

The feedback I've received thus far (pro and con) has been precious to me, all the more due to the minimal overall response.

However, in the depth of my GUT, these changes feel good... My instincts (which haven't led me astray for long) say this will work well.

You may have gotten this email blast, but just in case - http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=380b2f288c05cbc4e243f7add&id=b5eb459307

HUGE overview of what's going on, more or less the big picture. ;)

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