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Issue 6 (Nov/Dec 1998): BORK - Places to Fly

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Posted 01 December 1998 - 04:01 AM

Best of Rec.Kites
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What is the wind like in London
>I am going to spend the last weekend of the month in London. I would
>like to take a kite with me so:
>What are the typical wind conditions this time of the year?
>Where can I fly? I am going to stay next to Gatwick and I am not going
>to have a car so I need some place I can get to by train.

You have the south coast of England (Sussex) available to you. It's about
30-45 minutes by train from Gatwick. Try to contact someone from the
Brighton Kite Flyers - I don't have their URL but you should be able to
fing it easily enough. I suggest you look in http://www.kitefantastic.co.uk
for details. You'll probably also find details of places to fly in London.

Incidentally, Gatwick isn't particularly close to London. Unless you take
the express train it's approximately a 30 minute ride.
My advice would be to head for the coast at Brighton. There is also a
v.active kite club down there: website
http://www3.mistral.co.uk/prchitty/ or E-Mail rao@mistral.co.uk
As to the weather... get real.... you'll be in England, we have
hurricanes, monsoons and sunbathing all in the same day! but maybe try
http://uk.multimap.com/map/weather.cgi for a 2 day outlook which'll
give you some idea
hope this helps
my website: http://www.kitefantastic.co.uk
Database of over 500 kites, Interactive Guide to Stores and Sites
Epsom Downs is a great place to fly out to the South West of London.
It's about a half hour drive from Gatwick (M23, M25 towards Heathrow,
Off at Junction 9, go through Ashtead towards Epsom Downs Race Course).
Saturdays and Sundays normally see a gathering of the locals.

Alternatively, head down the M23 to Brighton. Come off on the road
(forget the number, Sam?) towards Lewes and then head for Stanmer Park
a few miles down. That's about half an hour away, maybe less. Lots
of local fliers.

There's a local league flying up at Hackney Marshes for the next two
Sundays. Thats up in the east of London and probably a good hour away,
but you'll meet a lot of excellent fliers up there (Roberstshaws et al).
(M23, M25, M2, check a map book... I forget the rest :-)=
So take the train to Brighton. At Brighton station change to a train
for Falmer (where sussex university is). Leave the train at falmer and
walk through the tunnel under the road. Stanmer park is the large park
to the left of the university as you come out of the tunnel.

There's normally a whole pile of us there on sundays from about 1pm
onwards - but it's not a bad place to fly in on any day...


Flying in Berlin
>I am in Berlin for a couple of months and have brought my Benson Phantom
>Elite with me.
>So the big question is: where is the optimal place to fly here? Also,
>are there any good kite stores?
>Please reply to me directly at fran@sfb288.math.tu-berlin.de.
>Many thanks and good winds...
>---Fran Burstall

have a look on my hp:
in http://www.snafu.de/...u/dra_rev_b.htm you can choose between ten
flying places in Berlin with maps and air pictures.


Any good place to fly kite in NYC
> Hi folks,
> Since flying kites next to Belt Pkwy is banned, where else is a good
> place to fly kite in
> NYC? Where're most kite flyers go?
> Derek

Take a ride to Liberty State park over here in NJ. You can take the
water taxi and it will let you off in the park. If coming to NJ isn't
your speed. Jones Beach field #6 is the other option Maybe Central PK or
Pospect Pk? I dunno I live in NJ.
While I don't recommend Coney Island during the season, I have flown there in
off season. Just use good judgement. There is a small field I believe is called
Battery City Park on the Hudson River where you can catch a fairly smooth
breeze off the water and I've had some very good flying experiences there. It's
very difficult to find ANYWHERE in NYC to fly, particularly near Wall Street.
Master the Wind, Peter Betancourt

ps. My newsreader is messed up so I'm using AOL temporarily. Thank you for your
patience with my nick swap.
Depends on how far you are willing to travel... but Jones Beach Field
6 is a great place to fly... wind from any direction is great with
the exception of straight North. Liberty State Park off of exit 14b
on the NJ Turnpike is great too. Had great fun there just a couple of
weeks ago with Happy Feet... Rich Javens, Sliceman... and many
Well, there is a tiny park off the west end of 72nd street that is good
in west and southwest winds. There is also a field below Riverbank State
Park on 145th St when the wind is northerly. You can also fly under the
Triborough bridge in southerly winds -- go to the east end of 103rd
street and walk across the footbridge.
As a kiteflyer in NYC, there still is kite flying going on in the park by the Belt
Parkway despite the no fly signs. If you come down you can expect to see Steve
Karatzas, MIB champion in the Northeast region, flying. You will also see people
who have been here for 20+ years as well. So despite the no fly ban we still fly
in the park, Dyker Beach Park as we found out, by the Belt. So come on by either
Saturday / Sunday and look for us under the beach umbrellas.
Patrick Grant
The Gent flying the Jeager / Hawaiian stack. :ani_whistling:
Check Deja News...this was covered a few times recently.
Gene Matocha
Mike Gillard

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