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Issue 7 (Jan/Feb 1999): Buggy or Die!

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Posted 01 February 1999 - 04:00 AM

Photos by Dick Bell

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It's Thanksgiving, we are in Galveston, Texas, USA and the weather is balmy and fine. We are staying at the 5 Star, Hotel Galvez thanks to Carolyn Weir, (She has informed us not only does she still have her job, but we can go back next year!!!) It has a nice little hot tub that sits more people than it looks. Crossdressing. 6 point beer all day long, Relaxing with margaritas all night long in the hot tub. Who could ask for more? Maybe a midnight walk on the beach, anyone? Foot rubs, Kathy?

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We had a great time catching up on all the news and gossip in the hot tub, not to mention all the many tales of bravery on the buggy trail. Boot to the head. You simply can not believe the oneupmanship going on all weekend. The only competition was in their heads, but it was great. At one point I counted 25 buggies at the camp site, there were probably more. Beer. Jeff Howard took the guys on an interesting trail ride of sand dunes and weeds that was not for the faint of heart. They all made it back alive. They ran and chased for miles up and down the beach. Shane Snowden is almost converted - we are working overtime on making him a buggier. Freeman came with Dean and we made Freeman a Tulsa Wind Rider (Dean and Brian were voted in too but we thought we would wait until next year to tell them).

Dean Jordan came to play with us and brought a few of his new huge Jordan Air Forms. He started the festivities early the first morning by dragging it behind Freeman's Explorer. Looked great up there. When that was done, Jeff Howard came up with the idea of a nice game of Soccer. Not that it matters, but my team won. It was a nice game and nobody dies - although huge bumps and bruises were the topic at the hot tub that night.

I am sure we will heal in time to do it again next year. We have pictures of him wearing a "Buggy Oklahoma Style" T-shirt.

Bruce Griffin (DUCK) came down from Shoreline, Washington to celebrate his birthday. We got him a cake and it took us just two days to eat it all. I hope he had as good a time as we did and comes back next year for a birthday party.

Dick and Gail Bell blessed us with a lovely single line display while Brandon Bell kept the buggy busy. Derek played a mean Goalie in the Soccer Game.

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Joel Scholz came down and added to the picture Dick and Gail had going on. He flew his George Peters kites and had an Eye that watched over us all weekend. It was too cool.

Brian Smith of Quadrafoil fame came down from Canada to play around. He brought a dually buggy and some kites for us to play with. That is always something to look forward to. We have pictures of him wearing a "BUGGY OKLAHOMA STYLE" T-shirt !

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There were so many buggiers and single line fliers there, I want to say I am sorry for not mentioning each and everybody's name, together, they made the most fantastic display of Sky Art I have seen in a long time and I want them to know they were all just awesome. I want to take time to thank Keith Anderson for supplying the non-event with a trailer to store buggies and such so we would be able to get around without worry. He also got to the field early so no one would be without a buggy if they got there early.

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The guys would all like to thank Mike Smathers for the beer he bought while they were riding down the beach. They knew he would rather have their thanks than money any old day.

There were so many things that happened, it would take more time and space than I have. All I can say is, if you were there, you know what I mean, and those who weren't - Boy did you miss a good one again this year.

Pictures were taken by Dick Bell and I would really like to thank him for taking the time and helping me out. There are a lot more pictures and all of them great. I tried to choose a few that would give you a good idea of what we experienced.
Collette Lemons

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