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I'm very new to the hobby and have read a couple of discussions but I really haven't found what Im looking for so here it goes. Im looking for a dual line kite for under $100 but $50 sounds better for my pocket. I have flown a dual line and caught on real quick. So now Im looking for a beginner kite that I can grow with. If you can provide me with the name of the kite and the manufacture I can start some research in by purchasing adventure. I thank you for any advice you can provide me! Again thanks,,

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My honest recommendatiion... Give a call or email to a few shops, and see which one strikes you right! We have ongoing friendships with most of the stores advertised on our main pages, as well as professional respect.

See which one is the easiest to deal with for you. :censored:

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I like the Addiction, but I find it to be a bit squirrelly for beginners. I think it is a great next step kite. The Addiction has more tricks up its sleeve than you will believe and cost less than it should. Premier: Thank you for the Addiction, however I find that this kite might be better off in the hands of an intermediate to advanced pilot.

My good friend and the person responsible for getting me into sport kites tried my Addiction. He could not put it down for hours. He and this kite just clicked, but he is very advanced and he likes loose kites (It helps his flying style). The Addiction REALLY helped his flying style. Everything just came together so easy.

The Addiction IS a kite that you will never out-grow, but it is also a kite that I feel needs some growing into. I think this might be easier for me to see, as I am not so advanced... LOL.

I think the PYRO XS by New Tech Kites is a good kite that will grow with you.

The kite is just over 6' and very trickable. A "buy it now" button on eBay will ship you the kite in 3 days for about $48.00 total. That includes shipping.


The same eBay vender will sell you a prism Quantum for $70.00 on the "buy it now" button. Same deal... The kite will ship in 3 days. You need to add shipping cost to the price of this kite. I think it is also $8.00.

I have the Quantum also. This kite will not stop impressing me. The Quantum has made tricking easier... Not just on the Quantum, but on all of my kites. I think that the prism Quantum should be everyone’s first kite. It is priced well and you will NOT grow out of this kite.


Before you buy; do allot of asking and reading. The kite for you is out there, but it might not be in your backyard. I've only bought one kite in a kite store (My Hornet), everything else I bought online. I have about 14 sport kites now.

New, used, shops, eBay, or the kite classifieds... The resources are out there for you to get the kite you want at a very good price.

See the vendors page on MAD KITERS if you don't know where to start.

Be good to your kite bag. All it needs is one new kite a month.

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The addiction is a wonderful kite that is very affordable for what this kite is capable of doing. We have a lot of local pilots here that absolutly love the addiction. Another kite you may want to keep your eyes open for is the new Nighthawk from Premier. This kite was designed by Jon Trennepohl and Wayne Brunjes (Also designed the new Magnum as well).

Premier Nighthawk Info

This kite is brand new for this year and retails right around the $100 mark. This is a very nice kite and initial reviews have been great thus far. For the $50 dollar range, the Addiction would be my recomendation. :)

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The NTK Pyro is also a very nice dual line kite in the $50 bracket, and it includes lines, straps and a DVD.

Now, if you would consider a quad line, I'd highly suggest a Spirit Quad, probably the best quad kite to learn with, and half the cost of a Rev. :)

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Good one Kent... I would like to second the Premier Nighthawk.

After everything I've been reading and some of the cool video I've seen, I thing that the Premier Nighthawk is one of the few 6' kites that I would pay $100- for. I even waited to get a deal on my brand new prism Flashlight. I don't like to pay allot for my kites, but the NH is a "can't wait kite" plus I don't think people will be selling these kites used any time soon.

Speaking of used.

You can almost always find a KILLER deal on a good used kite in The Kite Classifieds here on KiteLife (see the home page for easy nav.). You can also find great deals on used kites at GWTW. See the forum and go down to the swap meet.

I go there every day to look at all of the great kites that I can't buy... LOL

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How did the Spirit Quad get past Revolution's monopoly on quadline kites?

AFAIK, Rev's patent was related to the design of the bridle, and their straight leading edge. (They must have found a really stupid patent officer to approve that one.) Anyway, Rev does NOT own exclusive rights to make or design or sell quadline kites.

Get serious! :)

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:) I have loved my beetle to death and it's still a blast to fly. I originally bought it for my son... HA> .

:) I am really excited though.... because my new nighthawk... just arrived today.. **rubs paws together**... I cannot wait to fly it. A Big thanks to the The Kite shoppe for all your help. It's taken me a year now to find what I wanted and I am hoping this will fit the bill.

Praying for wind tommorow...

hugs mousie

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