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Issue 9 (May/Jun 1999): BORK - Places to Fly

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Posted 01 June 1999 - 04:00 AM

This page is a summary of postings on the rec.kites Usenet usegroup that our editors believe to be interesting and useful. Opinions expressed in these postings are not those of KiteLife Magazine or its staff.

Once again I'm indebted to the faithful BORK staff:
  • Craig Rodgerson
  • Peter C. Hugger Editor
Places to Fly Contents:
  • Sarasota area
  • Mississippi
  • A great place to Kite
  • Massachusetts
  • Hawaii
  • Amsterdam
  • Buggy in Ireland
  • Seattle Area
  • Ohio power kiting
  • San Jose
  • Limassol Cyprus
  • Buggiers in Chicago
Sarasota area

> I'm heading back to Long boat key the first week of April - and
> wondered if there are any group flies or people that want company.

Hey Ron, About an hours drive north you will come to Treasure Island where on any Sunday you can find the Treasure Island Sport Kite Klub. Come on up and join us. And if you can get a hold of one of those Prism foils be sure to bring it along.


Treasure Island in front of the Bilmar hotel, Sunday afternoon's.


do you mean "Ocean Springs". i fly just across the bridge about 2 miles on the beach. not many people along that streach. between the casions and the biloxi small craft harbor. usually pretty good wind.

A great place to Kite

In the ongoing quest for a satisfying kite flying experience, the flying location plays a large part in the formula. (Perhaps not as big a part as having the correct ratio of Id to Od for your spars, but none the less a large part.)

Here in Lake Havasu Az. The Kite Guild is pleased to announce that Cypress Park has been scheduled by Parks and Rec. as reserved solely for kite flying activity on M-W-F from 3:00pm to 6:00 weekly.

Cypress Park is one of those places, so few and far between, that is ideal for our sport. Set on a very gradual rise overlooking Lake Havasu and the surrounding residential area. The wind and the view are completely unobstructed. Down wind not a single tree or power line to be found. The wind passing over this park comes from either (roughly) the north, or the south, depending on weather the desert is inhaling or exhaling. Large and flat, the park is, on the lake side covered with well manicured grass.

The Guild welcomes all kite flyers to join us and enjoy this wonderful site. I am currently the contact person, so if you would like further information on Guild activity in Lake Havasu Az. include the words Cypress and Guild in the subject line of your e-mail.

On one final note I would like to express a great thank you to Steve, and all the other wonderful people at Lake Havasu Parks and Rec.
-- Robert J. Horton


> Hi everyone.
> Does anyone know of places other than Nahant beach for buggying?
> info would be greatly appreciated.

You could come buggy with us Northerners at Pine Point in Maine (just N of Old Orchard Beach) or go even further up to Popham Beach, which is supposed to be nice in the off-tourist seasons. I buggied one day at Hampton Beach in NH, which was OK but not as nice as Nahant.
Mark Frasier


Hi there, My Folks live in Hawaii so I go there a few times a year. there is a fair kite shop in the Kapiolani Mall in Honilulu. I often found people flying where the gully hits shore at Kailua Beach. not a bad spot but lots of pedestrians. Aroundthe back side of diamond head there is a beach with a hangglider landing field that had plenty of wide open space and regular winds. As in the privious post its sort of near the blow hole. Happy flying
Josh Young


Watch out at Zandvoort... many of the beaches ban multi line kiting. Oostvoorne and Hoek van Holland are my favourites, although you really need a car to get there.

Buggy in Ireland

> I'm planning to move to Ireland for a year and was wondering
> about some buggyspots.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank's Frank

Dollymount Strand (Irish for beach) on the north side of Dublin Bay is really good. Believe it or not, when the traffic is quiet it's less than 10mins from City centre. A pile (about 5 high) of buggiers meet there most Sunday afternoons and you'd be most welcome. I've also heard there is a really long run -miles and miles and miles of it at Bettystown Beach to the north of Dublin itself. Please e-mail me if you'd like to meet.


I've never been kite-buggying, but I can tell you one beach I know of which would be PURRRFECT! Colleenamore (Translated something like Big Beach), in Sligo has miles of sand in every direction at low tide. As does the back side of Stredagh beach in north Sligo. Tell me if you're coming to the area!

Seattle Area

There's only one good place to fly, Magnusen Park. There are a couple of other places to fly, Discovery Park in Magnolia and GasWorks Park. Others have been known to fly at Ballard High School's ball field.


Mickey (THe Mouseman) Nichols Take a weekend and come on out to Ocean Shores, only about two hours away, for some of the best winds for kite flying in the country. If you come on the second Saturday of any month, you can fly/join with our local club, the Sky Painters. We have a fun fly on Saturday and Sunday, a potluck on Saturday evening, and we host the Ocean Shores International Kite Challenge the first weekend of June each year. The Sky Painters are around 300 members strong with fliers of all abilities ranging from champion kite builders and fliers (for getting great advice), to kids, grand parents and anyone else who enjoys the simple wonders of kite flying. It would be a real joy to see you at one of our fun flies, we sincerely hope you can make it some time. We have members from all over Washington and Oregon, they don't try to make every meeting but shoot for several a year.

Keep us in mind when your thinking about some great flying and meeting some new fliers.

-- The Wind Is Out There...Experience It!
Jim and Monica Barber

Ohio power kiting

Or alternatively titled, finish that novel in the seat of your buggy.

To beat the dead wind slump, go to Lake Erie, I hear that the Toledo crew experiences better winds for power kiting. Though 90 percent of the time, I fly on the Columbus turf. In Ohio's 10 mph slumps, I string out a long line set (100 ft) with my quadrifoil and a 75 ft line set with my better-performance c-quads--switching between linesets when I'm bored or am looking to fly the c-quads higher.

Big problem with the c-quads here if you can't go up wind because of bad winds or space and obstacle restrictions and have to drag the c-quad back to your launching point. (I can't fly it one-handed and drag the buggy back at the same time, I've tried and it's definitely not safe on the rotator-cuffs, but this isn't the biggest concern of mine with this kite.)

The Ohio field I frequent most often displays that lovely phenomena that I have dubbed, the "end of the field death gusts." Happens to be that I begin to really accelerate halfway through the field in my buggy. And well, the wind smooths out from a prior turbulent condition after regrouping from a tree-line filtering and hits me strong and hard inconveniently near the very end of the field. Here, the wind offers to make me into a hood ornament on the busy avenue. Too far gone to begin an upwind tack and no space (a very long, but narrow buggy strip), so, it is often an ungraceful exit from the buggy, and the reliance on a strong foot plant. I've been fully committed and strapped in to the snowboard at this point--and have regretted it at the risk of good health.

(A warning and perhaps an obvious one, skidding the c-quad on their trailing edge through thick grass will totally wear out the rod sleeves of the kite. After doing the down wind speed runs in limited space, I noted the consequence of the c-quad drag and had to resew two rod sleeves at the trailing edge. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the c-quad's great upwind ability, but at a couple "corridor-type" of fields, it's not feasible here. I dabbed some thick "shoe-goop" glue that layed-up well on the very bottom of the sleeves. It doesn't seem to effect the flight and seems to protect the sleeve threads from abrasions)

Hope to see you in the air. Buggy fields are not always places to catch up on your reading in Ohio. Nevertheless, I definitely never see anyone else around here and up there.



Being from Columbus myself, and knowing what a pain it is to fly kites around here (i.e. no wind, shifting wind, wind blocked by trees, buildings, etc.), I find myself wondering just where does one find a place for a buggy around here? I don't really know much about buggying, but in my experience finding a nice open, windy area that isn't already dedicated to contruction, posted with private property signs, or crowded with people can be down right frustrating! Maybe I'm just not as willing to spend as much time in the car as you....When I need my kiting fix I need it now, not in a couple of hours....

Of course it's probably my fault the weather turned bad today, I just got a new kite. And with accordence to the "I just got a new Kite and I live in Ohio" principle, the weather has done what it always does and prevented me from flying.....

I think I need a lattitude adjustment....

San Jose

Hi Mike,
the most popular kite flying spot in the San Jose area would be Shoreline Park in Mountain View. This is about 15-20 miles north of San Jose off of Hwy 101. Take the Shoreline Blvd (?) exit off 101 and head east a mile or so until the road ends at the entrance to the park.

Entrance is free, just pull in and make a right turn at the sign that says "Kite Flying Area". Weekends are popular, so it is best to arrive before noon if you want a good location. There is a lawn area that can accomidate about 5-6 sport kite fliers on 75' lines then a very large area of dirt/mowed weeds that has room for all if not being used as overflow parking for the neighboring Shoreline ampitheatre (sp?).

Winds are usualy moderate 5-10mph in the morning and a bit higher in the afternoon, though they can be a bit turbulent due to the topography.

Since you are limited to bringing only one kite, you should know that Dan Whitney of Gone With The Wind Kites flys here most Sundays, (and occasional Saturdays) and I join him from time to time. If you would like to demo any of the new '99 kites (Elixer and Utopia are available!) I'm sure we can arrange it. Let us know when you will be in town and we will try to hook up!

Gotta fly!
Brian Todd


Aside from Brian's post advising Shoreline, try Baylands Park in Sunnyvale. It's a lot bigger field and flatter terrain than Shoreline and it gets those nice breezes off of the south bay. It costs $3 to get in during the warmer time of the year but you can get a season sticker for $15. Shoreline can get really crowded on weekends but it's a fine place to run into fellow flyers. Of course, there are lots of beaches if you don't mind driving over the hill. Sweetest winds for sure.


If you want to drive to Santa Cruz, Twin lakes is at the end of 7th avenue. Seabright is HUGE and it is on the other side of the harbor from twin lakes. Also on May 8th, I believe, Capitola is having a kite festival. Lots of flying spots in SC. Happy hunting.
Fly for fun agro1 Or Country


Just for general information the Bay Area sport Kite League (BASKL) will be hold a competition at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale on the 17th. You can check out their web site at
to find directions and more information about upcoming events. Come to the event and talk with other fliers who might be able to give you other area's to fly that are worth checking out.

Limassol Cyprus

Hey, guy!- There a LOT of places to fly in Cyprus. Not only the beaches but inland off the road also offers a lot of open places to fly. Unless you want that huge gathering of bystanders, it's nearl carte blanche. (P.S.- They drive on the left side of the road there, so be careful if you're not used to it!!)

It's a really neat place... enjoy!! Bill

Buggiers in Chicago

> I am interested to know where people go buggying in Chicago.
> Just got my buggy and while I have decent fields in a small
> city to go and buggy I do not know where to go to buggy in
> Chicago where I will be for the summer. I usually fly along Lake
> Shore in several of the parks. If possible away from the City
> would be best because the wind there is so turbulent.
> Thanks,
> Kenny

One place you may wish to try is the Busse Forest Preserve on Rt 58 and Rt 53 in Schaumburg -- A lot of great kiters use this park -- unfortunately so do the soccer players. But we all share the area which is very large. Best to get there early.

New York Buggiers

I'd like to travell to new york from march the 12th to the 21st. I like to take my buggy with me. is anyone arround and could tell me about a good area in new york, perhaps long island for bugying.


On South Shore of Long Island at Tobay Beach, big beach parking lot. Usually empty, good winds off of Ocean. Lots of room fun. Follow Meadowbrook Parkway south towards Jones Beach until end then head east towards Robert Moses State Park on Ocean Parkway, look for sign for Tobay Beach or kites flying above area.


Miller's Field on the eastern coast of Staten Island is where we buggy. It's an old airstrip turned athletic field (dozens of soccer and baseball fields). Usually has pretty good wind.
Mike Gillard

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