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Issue 9 (May/Jun 1999): BORK - Bridles

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Posted 01 June 1999 - 04:00 AM

This page is a summary of postings on the rec.kites Usenet usegroup that our editors believe to be interesting and useful. Opinions expressed in these postings are not those of KiteLife Magazine or its staff.

Once again I'm indebted to the faithful BORK staff:
  • Craig Rodgerson
  • Peter C. Hugger Editor
Bridles Contents:
  • Active Bridle for 97 Illusion
  • Bridle Pro Jam (com)
Active Bridle for 97 Illusion

From: hcbrown1@aol.com (Hcbrown1)
Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knew if the active bridle prism makes for the 98 Illusion will work on the 97 Illusion. If anyone knows I would love to hear from you. Thanks.



No, sorry, according to Mark Reed, because the frame dimensions are different on the '97, it won't work on the '97, just on '98's and '99's. Not that you couldn't play with it enough to adapt it, of course. The dimensions and instructions for the bridle are at http://top.monad.net...sm/illyact.html


Hey Hunter,
Unfortunately, not for the '97, 'cause of the changes made for the '98 Illusion. If you haven't upgraded to the '98 upper spreader position, you really should, as it greatly improves several aspects of the kites performance. All your gonna need is two little slices of heat shrink, and a longer section of .220 pultruded carbon. It'll take about 3 mins to do, then you can use the new '99 active bridle if you want.
Talk to ya,



Matt, I've just pulled out my '97 Illusion, and am trying to follow along. How much longer is the upper spreader to be? Are the upper connectors moved down within the existing sail cutouts? If so, how far down? I'm just reading between the lines here, but if you can provide further details or a pointer to a description if it's already posted somewhere I'd be eternally grateful (as may other '97 owners who might want to try the change). Actually, I kinda like my kite the way it is already, but if it's a change for the better, hey...



I modified my '97 by moving the top LE fittings to the very bottom ofthe LEcutout, and made the top speader 1 inch longer. Does that sound about right? Maybe I'll try an active bridle and do some tweaking. Anyone wanna share results? How about a support group for owners of discontinued Prism products? I still have grand designs on my Macro Ion, if only I can find the time...

Mike M.
I was told by Prism that it would NOT work.

Bridle Pro Jam (com)

due to a lot of comments and criticism we overworked the bridle of Dodd Gross' Pro Jam. It spins much tighter an more reliable, now. It should do any trick, too. You can find the dimensions of the new bridle on

Any comment on the new bridle is highly appreciated
good luck

Christoph Fokken
(InVento Production)
Mike Gillard

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