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Issue 11 (Sep/Oct 1999): BORK - Places to Fly

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Posted 01 October 1999 - 04:00 AM

The dog days of summer have seen the cessation of the previous month's [June... (c8] flame wars. We do enjoy the positive contributions that so many make. Keep up the good work!

Once again I'm indebted to the faithful BORK staff:
  • Craig Rodgerson
  • Peter C. Hugger Editor
This page is a summary of postings on the rec.kites Usenet news group that our editors believe to be interesting and useful. Opinions expressed in these postings are not those of KiteLife Magazine or its staff.

Places to Fly Contents
  • Caribbean
  • Holland
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • London
  • Oregon

From: dave@thelonious.new.ox.ac.uk (David Lindgren)

Brian Hall <brihal@execpc.com> wrote: Just Married .... We are planning to go honeymooning, (With our Sport kites). Could someone advise on the best Caribbean beach to fly? This will way heavily on our decision of where to go. Will be leaving after the Wisconsin weather goes bad!

I was in Barbados in April and found that the majority of the beaches were a little narrow for flying. There were two in particular on the south end of the island that were not too bad: Silver Sands (Silver Rock) --- just make sure you don't go to the part of this beach that is attached to the Silver Sands Hotel because the beach there is tiny; Sandy Beach --- unfortunately, I had a rather unpleasant encounter with a chap and his two dogs on that beach which ended up with a broken kite and me feeling rather miserable. Unfortunately, the dogs live permanently on the beach and the chap works there, so escaping them may be rather difficult, so be warned. In April, the winds around Barbados seem to be good, but I'm told that it can get very still.

The other possible problem is that Barbadian beaches can get rather full, especially at weekends or in places where there are a number of tourists. I am told that the beaches on some of the other Carribean islands are much emptier.



Have just come back from 6 months flying kites in the carribean. Spent three weeks flying on Sandy beach Barbados (and kite surfing of Silver Sands) so I know the two dogs very well. Had great fun teasing them with my rev 1.5, but you have to stop before the wind dies or your kite will (die from dogs,that is). Went to over 15 islands, but still think Sandy Beack is the best.



From: "emiel" <miel@tref.nl>

Hi Robin,

> Does anybody know a nice buggy-spot near Soesterberg (Holland)?

There's a great spot between soesterberg and zeist. they used to launch F16's there but now some huge ugly m*f*ers heli's use it. A buggy just isn't fast enough for an F16 but can beat the crap out of a Sigorsky chopper. I think it's even called soesterberg airbase... ;-) lots of tarmac (air=kiteflying, base=buggy spot hangout, tarmac=speeeeeeeeed).

havin' fun,



Thank you Emiel, but I will only fly at the airbase when Cosovo is bombed completely.... so there is way cosovo could bomb the Soesterberg airbase while I'm kiting there...... (by the way: ever beaten the soundspeed with your buggy? It's really fun and really v-v-v-v-viborating!)

do you know another spot?

btw. how about "Buggy versus Tank"? (Flassakkers "Tank-training-terrain")

Bye bye bye! (3 times? yes)

Robin van Westrenen


If you want to buggy, go to Wijk aan Zee or IJmuiden... Sea wind is what you need. got at low tide, and NNW wind about 4 bft... enjoy...



From: "Paul M. Cordell" <pcordell@uswest.net>


I'm new to Kites and looking for Phoenix area kite flyers. I have purchased a number of kites & parafoils. I was able to pick up a 4 line at a very good deal, but don't have a clue as to it's setup and flying.

Where does everybody fly in Phoenix?



There are many many flyers in Phoenix and AZ. There is also a web site for ARIZONA FREE FLYERS "ARFF" that you can get into and the is a bulletin board. If you need any kites or info let us know we have the kite store in Tucson. Hope to fly with you soon. Welcome to Arizona.

http://ravencroft.com/arff Arizona free flyers http://www.playitbyair.com I-Maginations kite shop

Good Luck Cool Breezes Bryan


Hey Paul,

We fly out in "Fountain hills" on the south east end of the lake... Also we fly every Sunday at Riverview Park in Mesa, however this weekend we all will be going off to "Belmont Shore" to compete..

check out the "ARFF" site the windwalker posted, you will find links to all of us there.


San Francisco

From: "HighLineKites.com (Tom McAlister)" <Tom@HighLineKites.com>

Tony Chee wrote: > I will be visiting the Bay Area next week and wanted to know if anyone can tell me what kind of wind conditions I can expect ( so I know which kite to pack with me ) and where I can fly my stunt kites. Tony,

North Bay Flying Locations

San Francisco: Ocean Beach (Big) Marina Green (Small) Candlestick Park (Small)

East Bay: Berkeley Marina, North end (Big) San Leandro Marina (Small) week days only Martinez (Small)

My first choices are Berkeley and Ocean Beach:

Re. Berkeley: It would be a shame to be this close to the Berkeley and not check out the site of the Annual Berkeley Kite Festival and the 1992 World Cup. The winds tend to be from 8-20 this time of year although we are comming into our fall season when we ususlly get some of our best med. to light winds.

You usually find a regular group of friendly fliers there as well as our own retail operation. If you would like more information about our hours of opperation there I can E-mail them to you or you can check out our web site at:


As far as which kites to bring? Don't bring any! That way you will have to buy one from us! Just kidding. :ani_wallbash:

Bring at least two kites to cover the widest wind range you can.

Hope fly with you soon,



From: "Francisco Costa" <np59lb@mail.telepac.pt>

hiya guys (un gals)

I may be going to portugal next month, I think it's near aporte (sp?), what are the weather conditions there? any fliers, buggiers, etc that I can hook up with?




Hi Dave!

I'm Portuguese and I do fly stunt kites though I'm just starting (you can say I'm a rookie)... Well, if the place you're coming is Oporto (or somewhere nearby...) you have lots of steady North wind suitable for buggying and good beaches. I'm not on buggies but I know there are some people here who are. You can try to contact Paulo and Madalena at pauloemadalena@mail.telepac.pt or check their webpage at www.terravista.pt/guincho/1034/ . I also know that the buggy people meets every first Sunday of each month in Praia do Guincho (near Lisbon). You can get more info on that at http://ventanias.hypermart.net or emailing ventanias@mail.telepac.pt I hope this helps you.


From: "Pedro Fuentes" <pfuentes@accesosis.es>

> I'll be staying over a weekend in Valencia (actually Gandia) SPain and want to know if there are local kite flys nearby? The 2nd w/e in September. Thanks for the info! HighflyrA@AOL.COM.


You will go to the right place!! In Spain there are a lot of places to fly but usually you will flight alone. Gandia is one of the best places to go and you can find a lot of fliers there. The beach there is very nice and there is a local kite club and a good kite store (CX-Zero, they are just in front of the beach, you can reach them at cx-zero@cx-zero.com). They fly there stunt and power kites and they do some buggy and fly surf also. I hope you will enjoy there.

Kind regards & Buen Viento Pedro

PS I am from Valencia, we fly here at the "Malvarrosa" beach. Now, a lot of peoble is in holidays, but some of us go flying some afternoons and the mornings at the week-end. We have a authorized zone in the beach and usualy the wind is very good.


From: dave@thelonious.new.ox.ac.uk (David Lindgren)

<arpi2k@my-deja.com> wrote: I am going to London end of September for a week, and want to take my kites with me. So I`d like to know if anyone here could tell me some good places to kite over there, and if it`s allowed at all... thanx in advance

Well, since you are staying near Hyde Park and Paddington...

The best places to fly in London (to the best of my knowledge) are:

Blackheath Common --- Big, open, nice winds usually. Too far to walk and not easy by bus. However, email me nearer the time you are going to come over and maybe we could meet up and I'll drive you over there one weekend (I spend most weekends with my girlfriend in Vauxhall --- easy to get to from Hyde Park).

Clapham Common --- the winds are usually rather light and a sometimes a bit turbulent but not a bad place at all. You can get there by tube (underground / metro / subway...) without too much trouble.

Hackney Marshes --- Another good place. Again, not easy by foot, but probably possible by train (or get Chris Matheson to pick you up and drive you over one day on his way back from skateboarding at Brixton Beach).

Paliament Hill --- Sorry, never flown there, and I have no idea what it is like for flying, but I have been told that it can get a bit too crowded.

Epsom Downs --- If you can take the train to Epsom downs on a Sunday afternoon after midday, there are sometimes people flying there. A bit of a trek though just to fly kites and the wind is not always that good.


If you can cope with crappy, variable (and usually light) wind, then you could try flying in Hyde Park. I have flown in Hyde Park before, but because of all the trees and buildings all the way round, the wind is not terribly good. And if you are thinking of buggying in Hyde park, forget it --- there's too many people for that and I'm sure you'd get stopped quite quickly.

Regent's Park --- I've no idea what this is like, or even whether there is enough space.

Battersea Park --- again rather sheltered, but you may have a little success.

Hope that helps a bit,



From: Kent Williams <kentnamy@relia.net>

I'm going to the Oregon coast for a few days and I'm wondering what everyone's favorite kiting beaches are and what type winds I can expect there. I want to make sure I take an appropriate kite for the winds that are usually present.



Well, let's see my favorite is Seaside on the northern coast, probably because it is a little over an hours drive from my house. North of Seaside are Del rey and Sunset beach where you can drive onto the beach and not have to pack all your stuff. Downside there is that there are no public rest rooms. Heading south from Seaside there is Cannon Beach, then Manzanita, then Rockaway Beach, all great places to fly. Moving on down the coast the next one is Lincoln City although there are small beaches all along the way where you can stop. Going south from there is Newport, Florence and other places. Depends on where you plan on hitting the beach.

As far as winds are concerned you are liable to run into anything from near 0 to 20+ . More likely in the 5-15 MPH range. But at WSIKF week before last we spent 4 days mostly becalmed!

If you are coming through the Portland area let me know. I'm on an 8 week sabbatical from work and would be more than happy to give you a bit of a tour while you are here. Rod To fly or not to fly....there is no question!


Keep your fingers crossed. When it gets hot in the valley, the coast can mist up real fast...

Seaside and Cannon Beach are fairly popular. Lincoln City (where I am) is good too but not as wide and a bit rocky after the storms last winter. These main points (at the end of highways from inland) are fairly crowded. You can try further south like Florence, or mid-way north around Rockaway a miss some of the crowd. Or beter yet, just start at the Columbia and work your way south...

Have a great visit!!

Mike Gillard

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