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Bob Moore record attempt

Jorge Arellano

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  • 4 weeks later...

Bob Moore here,

Actually my next "assualt" is over the week commencing October 1st 2005.

I have almost completed my new kite (see single line post), have taken delivery of a telemetry system and I have got approval for the flight zone.

The black Conyne delta is lost but I know within 1 degree the path. I should get it back when I go up to Cobar a day earlier than the rest of my team.

Actually I think I have a good chance of breaking the record. the winds last time were virtually nonexistant and I had a couple of weaknesses in my equipment and methods. I think I have progressed very rapidly from 1000 ft a few years ago with small deltas to 7,500 ft at my first real test last year.

The problems that lead to the loss of the kite in April are simple and easily corrected.

1. Poor concentration due to fatigue - team members staying for the entire week and giving more organised support. One more team member on board.

2. Lack of automatic winch brake - corrected.

3. Line overrun leading to line breakage - corrected with free wheeling hub.

4. kite loss due to weak tracking signal - corrected with GPS telemetry transmitter.

5. Poor winds - October should be better.

6. Larger, redesigned kite - more lift in light conditions.

7. Backup kite in case of breakage.

As you can see I am still on track and it's only my second attempt. Richard Synergy tried for 10 years and had about 30 attempts. he took 8 years to reach 4,800 ft. I reached 7,500 ft in testing last year with very little effort.

We will see.

Bob Moore

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Bob, great to see you are consistent with your goal and that you have improved and corrected a lot of technical details.

I hope good winds come in October.

Looking forward to hear more about this fascinating record attempt (Im sure this time would be it).

have a good day


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