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    • By mystainedskin
      Some days I laugh... the wind apps show great conditions and real life is another story.
      Today was one of those.. App showed 10/15 @ ese, ideal for this ne Florida stretch of beach..  real life was 0 to maybe 8mph..if that... but the direction was spot on.
      So with optimism,I took the 12 Phantom with some proper spars installed and I set up anyways being I was there. I wanted to finally fly larger than 12m with the low conditions...but alas I was on a small bar...and didn't feel like any over the bar line grabbing today...as I rode fixed bridles yesterday
      Trusty battery back up fan got me filled and airborne...without the fan it wouldn't have happened. Once airborne and the twinskin moving ...riding began. Nothing spectacular but still achieving smiles. A small climb in wind and I headed for a wider stretch of beach about 1.5 miles away. Played there for a bit....and poof...nadda...not even a puff. Sunset was upon me, so I deflated and rolled up for the walk...2.2 miles later I felt redemption.A block from my "base"  the wind was back and stronger than all evening..Still single digits, but high singles and that works for me. 
      I quickly set back up once at the fan...All I could think was one more ride before sunset. I got that and more! Rode until dark and enjoyed some park and ride fun with some beautiful colors over the horizon.
      Last ride got me the best casual speeds of the day.. 
      A quick glimpse of that ride on Instagram. 
      In the end... never give up. The rewards are always worth the effort. The struggles will only make you a better pilot.  Be it buggies.. stunt kites...and yes even SLK.
      Ride on... until then

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