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I am selling my 2005 Synergy Zero Wind Great Deca Indoor Quad Kite. It has never been flown and is in perfect new condition. It is my understanding that Guildworks is either no longer making these or at the least it is very difficult to get one. When I purchased mine back in 2005, I had to wait over six months for delivery. I am taking offers at this time. Look for my other listings on this site for a Synergy Deca 15 (new condition, test flown twice, and same year), as well as these other kites that are also in new condition. I have a Benson Airbow quad kite, a Revolution Indoor quad kite, a White Bird Firebird single line kite and a White Bird dragon single line kite.

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I regret selling my Great wind deca,

I'd be interested in a replacement, can you give me a ring sometimes soon?

301- 402- 2624 is the office number

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      I just put this up for sale.  I'm selling this bat kite because I purchased a custom Rev Series B.
      Everything is there to fly the quad line bat kite... instructions, carrying bag, skyshark carbon fiber, handles, and lines.

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      You can subscribe to notifications for my live feed of you're on Facebook.
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      I have an Echo light wind dual line kite for sale. Very little air time on it and a very crisp sail. It is practically brand new. Into the Wind sells them for $140. I would just like $100 including shipping to the US. Includes sleeve. Ask if you have questions. 

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