Synergy Deca 15 & Zero Wind Great Deca For Sale

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Synergy Deca 15 Quad Kite 2003 - Asking $500.00 or best offer

It has been flown twice always on grass and only to test it out. There are no rips, tears or discolorations. Even the bridal is in new perfectly clean condition. It is my understanding that Guildworks is either no longer making these or at the least it is very difficult to get one. When I purchased mine back in 2005, I had to wait over six months for delivery. Does not include handles. Includes single kite bag.

Synergy Zero Wind Great Deca Quad Kite 2003 - Asking $600.00 or best offer

It has never been flown and is in perfect new condition. Includes Deca handles and single kite bag.

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