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LOGO contest! :)

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Alright folks... Kitelife has been in semi-upheaval for several years now, and in the process of reinvention we've officially drafted the services of both David Hathaway and Spence Watson who have worked with (and tolerated) me to put together a very solid and effective format which is currently being built for our new web site (looking to launch in 30-60 days if all goes well)... We're certain you'll find it to be fresh, thorough and much more accessible (tasty) than our previous attempts.

With this, I think we're in need of a new logo to celebrate the transition into a modern news ezine.

I'm officially opening up a LOGO contest to draw on your collective talents and vision of what Kitelife is meant to be. :)

  • Proportion should be wider than it is tall (maybe 2x1)
  • Use only 3-4 colors, easy for printing, etc
  • Bonus points for a meaning or sense of something in the imagery
  • No fine details - simple and eloquent

EASY - All submissions can be posted directly this forum topic, or to our Facebook page! :)


Winner: Lifetime Subscription to Kitelife.com, and a kite yet to be determined from our prize inventory (fair value).

1st Runner Up: 1 year Subscription.

2nd Runner Up: 6 month subscription.


All submissions are welcome starting NOW, through February 20th

... We reserve the right to extend the drawing if necessary.


As we review submitted logos, artists who have made a good visual impression with us may also receive a sneak peek at the new site to further their creativity.

Some consideration will given to artists who can provide their logo in AI format (Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher), or those with logos that can easily be recreated using AI.

Final winners will be decided by the Kitelife staff, logo then becomes the sole property of Kitelife and prizes awarded (shipping at our expense).

You might take a look through some of these references - http://www.tinyurl.com/logofodder

On your marks, get set, go - can't wait to see the first wave of ideas!


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Being new to the sport and fell in Love with it since i grabbed the handles months ago...

My contribution to this with the two logo sets is more of Gratitude and With Love :)

and thanking you for the smile you put on so many faces around the World..

Hope you consider it and thanking you for giving me the chance to be on this contest.

Logo Description:

Having so many kites types and families, all kites are kites and we should not favor only one type...As long as the fun is here and Joy is shared among those flying their box kites, deltas, dual lines or Revolution kites...

Simple color as per request and a tool representing a must for any types of kites in the world - The Stake

A little tag line for describing what is Kitelife...a place where everyone meets, learn and most imposrtant; Share their Love for kites.

One World, Many Winds...One People

White background for T-Shirts and any marketing materials


Black background for other uses (Website, Blogs, etc)


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So here i come again with another logo with some corrections from previous ones.

As John said, it lacked some kite imagery in it and i wanted first not to be too related to kite pictures as we have so many types out there.

Kites remind us all of our childhood which we tend to forget with the new designs, new technologies and materials we have now.

The new logo demonstrate the fun of kiting rather than all the fancy stuff related to it. A kid having fun with a kite and running towards Kitelife...he will grow up and touch new kites, new designs, learn new tricks, etc..who will be there to assist him?? Kitelife is your kite partner, not only business related but follows you from your first steps into kiting to the level you have in mind.

Whatever kite you fly, wherever you are in the world; Kitelife assists you...

That's my thoughts of what Kitelife is or should be..am fairly new to kite world and i have gathered so much from you here..so thanks to you dear Kite partners :)



ps: am a bit sad we don't have much post on this..from the many flyers out there, seems no one cares of the logos and history of the source they learn from :(

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Now that is a fine entry! Lots of promise! :)

And honestly, you've made my morning with the back story. *sigh*

If you'd like to tighten up your entry even further, I'd have you look at lessening the width by possibly rearranging the text.

A really GREAT test is to back up from your monitor by about 10 feet, then see if the text is still legible.

Last thing, we really do need the .com portion included as well, "Kitelife.com" is how folks find us. ;)

Regardless, this last entry is a solid concept to expand on. :)

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Thanks John for the comments.

Yes will try to tighten things a bit. But watching only one at once is better. than the 3 suggested colors together. Make it a bit bulky.

Did not know the .com was necessary but will work something out soon.

Also my screen is 32" wide so i need to backup 30' from it lol

I understand your point of view here..it's to know how it will appear for people when seeing it on a t-shirt ;)

Thanks again John

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Some REAL nice entries here, and good to see the way Btreize is trying to respond to feedback, I like the way you are thinking.

Don't think no One cares, just that LoGo design is not something a lot of folks have interest in, or are good at. I bet John is pleased with the Ones on here.

And looking on the good side, if the 3 on here are all that have been submitted, Watty excluding himself, looks like we have got 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. :-) Not as if you are not ALL winners though.

Well done folks, have enjoyed looking at them.

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So after some modifications as per requests, i am submitting my last logo for the contest.

I don't want to be a nag here for this but loving the sport and Kite Life motivates me in fine tuning it and make it better.

Logo has been reworked to make it less thinner and more tight. Having the viewers to get all necessary info at first look is important. I confess last entries were a bit too long and from the kid flying the kite, across the Kite Life letters and then to the tagline was a bit too long. I can now read and understand all at first sight. Thanks for the comments and for considering the entries.



Logo is in AI format and can still be fine tuned, color changed, proportion format, etc.

Many thanks to all


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Hey Pete, thanks for this nice comment..the K here stands for Kite Life of course but also "Kid" itself.. Sort of Kite Life is dedicated for Kids with his events and for Pros too :)

Thanks for the thoughts. We did not have much damage from this cyclone but Mada suffered from it a lot..not it is reverting back towards us.. see the forecast here

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Wow, I set my drafts aside for several days and all of a sudden the deadline is approaching. I've got color variations on two rather different ideas. The first was inspired by the shape of the symbol for infinity, representing the endless joy of kiting. The second was an attempt to capture the wide variety of kites seen today, instead of focusing on sport kites (saw a comment related to this somewhere). Since I don't have Adobe Illustrator, I created these in vector (svg) format in Inkscape. Hopefully it will be possible to import into or open with AI. Thanks for looking.









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Ok... time for my contributions. I was in two separate schools of thought when I designed these...

1) Since we all look up to the same sky when we fly, no matter ~what~ we fly, perhaps the the Kitelife name should just be a simple suggestion of a kite in the sky.

2) My second thought is that there needs to be several different types of flying represented since the Kitelife Site and Forum are about ALL facets of the kiting world and our pure love of kites. Obviously I had to narrow down to a few basics.

See what you think...


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Beautiful thoughts, love it! :)

Carolyn, the first logo style is a bit tough to read at a distance ("life")...

I'm really fond of the bottom logo though, the overlapping shapes look great. :)

The closing thought that I have (coffee is still kicking in), I'm still leaning toward Btrieze's concept because everyone can recognize what's happening in it, a clear thought or feeling of kiting can be provoked even in someone who isn't familiar with kiting.

Since I'm traveling all day tomorrow and I want to leave the door open for a few more entries, we'll be extending the close of the contest to February 27th... That's right, one more week for the last minute entries and amendments! ;)

Thanks to ALL, feeling the love... Loving the feel. :)

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These are great news and giving more time for others to submit their ideas..

It's more an open mind sharing for me than a competition...as it applies for kiting, we share the love for this sport and on this thread we share our ideas for getting Kitelife.com better and better :)

Thanks to all

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