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I've been playing around with my Chiroptera glider a little. Making up my own flight patterns and figures is great fun, but I'm wondering if there are any glider-specific tricks I could be practicing.....

I've searched around a bit, and read mention of the "Flat Spin", but I have yet to see one performed. I think.

Know of any glider tricks?? Please post them here!

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You've heard right on the flat spin!! Try doing 360*s as close to the ground as you can!! It's sort of a pull 180* and see if it'll go all the way around!! Start by letting it travel in an up and over, then as it flies away, let it get close to earth! Then give it a pull! You're missing out on some cool videos over on FB! Several groups over there dedicated to gliders!!

Another is a tight line dive with a flare out! Most gliders will accelerate on a tight line and dive a bit! Do that and just as it runs outta height, slack some line to let it flare!!

I might have some advantage using a wand like I do, but here are a couple of "tricks"!!

PS: I also do a copy of JB's "Tornado" with a glider!! Again I use a wand to do 360* turns around and around myself, only changing speed as I travel!!

PSS: I got a Chiroptera on order from Will!! So any ideas that you have, are greatly welcomed!!

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Cool man, thanks!! I'll be working on flat spins if I can just find a place to fly indoors...... (working on it). Tried a Flat Spin at my local field, and the line snagged the grass every time I brought 'er down low to the ground for a try. I'm going to try to get it to dive next time I fly; I think I've got the "flare" down a bit already ;)

No no no!! I'm in full control when the line is so slack I can use it to jump rope :lol:

Thanks Wayne!

Anyone else have any glider trick suggestions?

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One of my favorites is something that I've seen Paul de Bakker do in many occasions with the skate. If you fly the kite with the nose pointed straight up and the sail loaded, give a small tug, then release, to get the kite to reach an apex, then glide toward you for a catch

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