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THREE (yes, x3) Ghost Pyros (7/4/12)

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I can't believe how fast time has flown. Too bad I haven't gotten a chance to fly much, but we finally got the Pyros in the air. Well, at least 2 of them. I needed another hand to manage the last kite

I think John mentioned it once, awhile ago: Win one drawing; Sit out one.

Since this drawing is on Independence Day, shouldn't the American winner get the ghost pyros in red, white and blue? kjm

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Yep, sorry about that...

1 - The forum (sign up) doesn't generate usable member numbers.

2 - Accordingly, each new member is assigned a number on our master list.

3 - Most of our subscribers don't actually surf the forum.

4 - You have a number regardless, and will be notified if you win.

Never, ever hesitate to ask if you want to know your #... Happy to look it up!

Thanks for the support and patience. :)

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We know you're extremely busy JB, but it doesn't matter becasue I'm gonna win the Pyros so I can send a video of them flying at dusk. I'm performing a community service. That's why I'll win. Besides it is so hot and dry here I'll need something to fly because we won't be having any fireworks on the Fourth.


p.s. Pete I don't look at your picture in your avatar and see evil laugh. More like crazy uncle. ;)

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I have been quiet on this One as I KNOW I will win, just to be able to give them to my Wife as her Birthday is on the 4th.

Not long now folks, and we will know for sure who they are going to. Luck.

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8 - If birthdays are criteria,

3 - July fifth.

3 - Just in time!

(Another 833-ku for your enjoyment and edification. And here you thought I was talking nonsense all this time. Sometimes it's syllables, sometimes it's words, sometimes it's some other hidden way. And sometimes it isn't, just to keep you guessing.)

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Pssst ... okay John it's now officially the 4th ... shake the RNG up from it's night of debauchery ... lets see who are the 303 other folks I get to commiserate with this fine day.

Happy 4th to one and all ... even our British friends!!!



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Would you believe it's Rob again??

Which Rob you ask?

That would be...



Barden! Subscriber #259!

Congratulations Rob, looks like your Widow Maker karma came back. lol

These Pyros are kite-only, I hope you've got some single line tucked away on a spool somewhere. :D

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Wow, I am stunned ! The kids will love these... that's me included ! A single line kite always looks better with a tail, I think these look awesome. You guys probably think of me a dual line flier, but I started out with single lines and still fly them frequently. I have just enough sand anchors to fly these all at once, I can't wait to see these flying in formation !

Thank You !!!


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