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PAW    25
Category: Freestyle (Trick / Precision)...for advanced and up pilots !
  • Wingspan: 216cm
  • Height: 93cm
  • Weight: up to 240grams
  • Sail: Icarex (2Panel)
  • Leading Edge: 3pt
  • Lower Spreader: 5pt
  • Upper Spreader: 5mm Exel Cruise
  • Spine: Feruled with 5pt on top and p300 at the end
  • Weight system: 2 changeble inserts (2 and 9 gramm)
  • Bridle: 3point (of Edelried)
  • Windrange: UL to Strong
  • Inputs: Small with guidens !

Photo details at the attached thumbnail below :ani_smoke:
...when you get used to this one, the kite lets you have total control over you can see in the video :ani_yahoo:
Yofade is not a strength...but passible. :ani_wallbash:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here...or PM to me :w00t:

Here it goes to the Video: :)


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RobB    1,867

Hey Peter...

That's some really nice flying. Your design seems to fit you perfectly.


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