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I recently purchased 5 premier vision kites, and would like to fly them as a stack. my question is 4 lines or 5, and does 31 inches seem about right? they measure 63 inches wingtip to wingtip.

thanks for your advice,

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Hey Rob,

To answer your questions...use 5 lines for stacking stunt kites (each end of the top spreader, each end of the lower spreaders at the leading edge i.e. your bridle points, one each just above the center T connector). With a your Visions, 31 inch link lines should be fine. FYI, link lines should be approx 2/3 to 3/4 the length of your leading edge. Leading edge length is what's important, not wingspan i.e wingtip to wingtip. I prefer the smaller 2/3, but 3/4 is generally what is recommended.

I'll give you the procedure for stacking two kites...just repeat the procedure for the others. It's rather simple.

First of all, attach your link lines to your lead kite using a larks head knot. Your lead kite is the one closest to you when flying. Attach the lines at the 4 bridle points (upper and lower) and just ahead of your center T connector on the "spine". Make sure that these lines lead backward from your lead kite to the kite behind.

Secondly, based on your question, it appears that you're making your own stack lines (which is fine...). In that case, make 5 pigtails with knots for adjustment and attach them to the second kite at the same points as your lead kite. Now, attach (lark's head) your link lines to the pigtails and you're ready to fly (with 2 kites anyway!). To stack more kites, just add more link lines and pigtails and repeat.

In closing, some additional info that may be of help:

Equal length for your link lines is important. Be sure all lines are the same length. As previously mentioned, the pigtails have knots for adjustment, but it's best to be diligent when making the initial lines. A small difference in length (as small as 1/2 inch) can make your stack "wobble" in flight. Wobble sucks....

Make sure that you upgrade your flying lines (and handles). When flying stacked kites, the line that is used for a single kite, generally, won't work. The lines must be heavier. In fact, don't even try it in any substantial wind. Nothing worse than having a line break on a stack. Have you ever seen 5 kites spin tightly in the air and crash into good ole Mother Earth. Not a pretty sight. Psst...that's experience talking!!! Dummy me. Anyway, I fly stacks (3-5 kites) with a little bigger kite than your Visions and use 300lb Laser Pro w/ big padded Peter Lynn wrist straps. You probably won't need lines that heavy...but, I'd recommend some 150# lines minimum.

Start flying your stack with just 2 kites...get the feel of the increased pull. Make any needed adjustments at this time to keep the kites stable.Then, add kites accordingly.

If you decide that you're going to fly your stack often, you may want to consider removing the bridles from your trailing kites. No need for them and it's a cleaner set-up.

Finally, if you fly 3 or more kites in your stack, shorten the two link lines to the last kite at the lower spreader by an inch or so (tying a knot(s) in the line is the easiest way to shorten...) This helps the last kite fly more smoothly and track better with the others.

My apologies for the length of this reply. However, this should give you a good starting foundation.

Now, get to work...and have a blast flying. Oh yea, don't forget to add tails. The crowd loves em! :cat_goofy:


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