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New Levels - Extreme Kiteboarding by PUSH Kiting


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I know who you guys are... I've seen your videos. Some of the best video arguements to risk your neck & get into power kiting ! I have most of the stuff to go out there and get hurt... wish you guys were closer by so I could pick up some pointers from you.

Keep it up, it looks like you guys have a blast !

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Hi again Dave, I generally hate to cross-post on another topic but I wonder if you've seen this?

Different style of kiting, but we're fueling on the same feel-good buzz. :)

Would LOVE to do our iQuad show alongside a major power kite event one of these days. <grin>

I think "regular kiting" (stunt, single line, indoor, etc) touches a different demographic than power kiting, and the events I've seen where both are featured seem to keep more "butts in the seats", or even motivate people to "cross the line" to try any of the various types of kiting on display.

Anyway, kudos on a great movement - glad to see others with verve. :)

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