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'Top of the LIne' Restoration Help

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Hi Folks,

I'm a Newbie from Virginia that picked up a vintage 'Top of the Line', "Sea Plane Airshow/Shark Attack" single line kite at a local thrift store for $3.00. I would like to restore it to get my Grandson into the hobby. It is all intact except for the wing/landing gear carbon fiber struts. I have obtained the carbon fiber rod and have guessed at the lengths of the seven struts; I would like to be more precise with these lengths so as to have the best chance of having a well performing kite. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone out there happen to have this kite that would be willing to measure and tell me the lengths of the 4 different size rods:

Wing Spreader

Front Wing to Landing gear strut

Rear Wing to Landing gear strut

Landing gear Spreader

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Well snattsas,

I wish that I could offer some specific dimensions to help you out, but I can't. Didn't find much on the web to help you out either. However, a couple of points for you...if anyone here knows, or knows of someone else who does have info to help you, you'll get a reply. Secondly, in my opinion, your estimates should be ample to get the kite flying even for the remaining parts in question. I don't ever recall seeing one of these (ebay has some new ones for sale approx 40 bux), but wish you luck. You'll be AOK...it's just a kite!

How old is your grandson? Depending on his age, if you ask around here, the 'gang' would also have some great ideas for his next kite.

Best wishes,


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Pictures would help out... I've never seen this kite, but pictures might get you some good suggestions.

Found the one on eBay, is that it ?

Try contacting the guy selling them on eBay, maybe he could measure the different spars. Or just buy another so you both have something to fly...

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