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Premier Kites: Addiction - Setup

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Good Afternoon Everyone....

Finally, an active kite forum with more than 3 post for the month...

I bought my first sport kite about 10 years ago.. It was a Chicago Fire - Dart (I believe).. It's been years since I've flown and (as luck would have it) attended the Great Lakes Kite Festival this past weekend, needless to say, my kite interest is now at an all time high. While my wife was packing the kids in the car, I was able to make a sprint to the huge tent filled with zillions of kites for sale. After a few conversations, I walked out with the Addiction, from Premier Kites.

The next day I made it to an open field and put her in the sky... Or at least attempted. She was very loose and would not track at all... She did however stall with no problem, or for any real apparent reason. With the kids patience fading I packed it in for the day without knowing anything more about my new Addiction.

I tried again today. I left the office and headed to a near by park. Initial results were the same. Loose and prone to stall. In looking closely at the Bridale I noticed things did not look quite right. I made a few adjustments and tried it again. The result was noticeable as the kite seemed to grab more air and fly with more authority. She did however still seem to stall a bit too easy. For example, If I were to put her in a few sharp spins she stalls out... Feels like a car that suddenly hit a patch of ice. The recovery from stall was also lengthy as well.

Two Questions

1. What is the proper tuning / setup for this kite? How does moving the standoffs affect teh flight characteristics of the kite...etc....

2. Also.. On a side note..Whats the best way to avoid the tangled mess that is unwinding the lines using the stock lines and plastic line holder? It took me 15 minutes to get my lines untangled. I'm thinking of just keeping the lines separate to avoid the mess altogether.

Thanks in advance.. I'm really looking forward to learning from this community as I start honing the skills I never took the time to pursue years ago... Like landing and tricks

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It will strictly be a bridle adjustment issue... adjusting standoffs does change the characteristics on some kites but the Addiction is fine in the stock setup. Yor bridle is obviously set too low, how low I cant say without seeing it... the best I can do here is tell you to first, make sure both tow points are in the same place in relation to the rest of the kite. Second, move the tow points up in 1/4" increments test fly and repeat until it feels right, when you get to that point, the fine tuning is in a reasonable wind, at the center of the window, the kite should rise to directly above your head, 75-85 degrees in relation to the ground. If it wont go that high move up a little more, if you go to far there won't be any pull and it will turn way to s-l-o-w, then move it down a bit.

As far as the winder goes, when you are done flying, wind both lines in reasonably tight figure eights on the winder while walking towards the kite, disconnect fly lines and secure, either with the attatched elastic strap or a big rubber band. When setting up, connect the fly lines to the assembled kite and unwind as you walk away being careful to unwind from the same direction that you wound it up. When you are done all you have to do is put the winder in your pocket and launch.

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We have put together a page for bridal adjustments on our site and use a Premier Addiction as an example. Adjusting the bridle is very easy to do and can be done in just a few minutes. Here is the link for the page:

Bridle Adjustments

The Addiction is an excellent kite. A few simple adjustments and you should be having a blast.

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On 6/3/2021 at 4:52 PM, UK Kiter said:

Hey Inspected

Just wondering how it went after the adjustments? 


Welcome to the forum, UK Kiter!

Looks like you were responding to an older post and thread. Some 15+ years old in fact. 😉

The Addiction referred to in that series of posts has since been superceded by the Pro Addiction I believe. At any rate, if you have any more Qs this is a pretty good forum for that and someone will pipe in with some guidance.  Try again!

Perfect winds.



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