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I hope I helped someone on his way to catching the kiting bug today. I saw him looking frustrated with his lines and reprimanding his kids to stop getting in the way of his lines. I hesitated for a

Aye, the affliction extends beyond KiteLife... Not sure why, something in my gut says we've become more of a spectator society, less folks as quick to take the "long road of learning", also more burie

Pre-2006, there weren't more than 3-4 Rev fliers in one place at any North American event... Dual and single line was the vast majority, but what we rolled out with education and team flying just made

John keeps the subscriber numbers manually. When he sees this, he will let you know what your number is. (He may be busy actually flying kites, so be patient.) Welcome to the forum.

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Ive seen on alot of sig's here that the subscriber number is listed, and i was wondering how to find mine?

1000, yes - you are actually our 1000th subscriber. :)

(although we've only retained 308 or so as of today)

Could you tell me mine too please?

977. :)

Me to please

1001. :)

Thanks for your patience guys!

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On the downside, you are the first subscriber who needs to come up with clever ways to "promote" a four digit number (in the RNG banter). Good luck. You are charting new territory for subscribers yet to come.

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