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I hope I helped someone on his way to catching the kiting bug today. I saw him looking frustrated with his lines and reprimanding his kids to stop getting in the way of his lines. I hesitated for a

Aye, the affliction extends beyond KiteLife... Not sure why, something in my gut says we've become more of a spectator society, less folks as quick to take the "long road of learning", also more burie

Sorry, not sure how but I skipped a couple of names and jumbled the numbers on my last post - updated now. 1248 - @povlhp I agree on the regula

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Hey John, I'm new here but loving learning all I can about flying the Rev. Thanks for the tutorials and thanks to everyone here for posting. I feel like I'm following in your footsteps as I learn basic maneuvers and tricks that you make look so easy. I'm meeting a lot of great people too.

Anyway here is another request for this topic. Could you let me know my subscriber number? Many thanks. With the rest of the crowd I'll be watching to see who gets lucky Sunday morning.


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