is the rev 1 harder to fly

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i was you flying today i did only pick my rev 1 with because i just wanted to try it, since i have never flow it before.

i did find it mush harder to keep reverse hover and reverse flight, compared to b-series with have no problem with.


wind about: 6-10 mph

frame: SLE LE and 4 wrap

Line: 100 feet 90 pound

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I wouldn't say harder, just different!! The Rev 1 is cut a bit differently than the "B" series 1.5 and is subject to "flipping" a wing over in reverse! And it is a slower sail overall, but all the same control inputs are used in flying it, just a bit more delicately!! I have both styles, I set up the Rev1 when I just want a relaxing fly, easy on the crazy tricks and turns! Just a more soothing fly!! :ani_victory:

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