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Revolution B2 SUITE ( 4-1-13)

John Barresi

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As thanks to the backbone of KiteLife (our KiteLife Subscribers) we're putting up an extra TASTY package of kites for you this time around - one heck of an addition to somebody's kite bag!

Remember, you will be automatically entered to win if you have an active KiteLife Subscription when we do our drawing!

This is a brand SUITE of THREE Revolution B2 quad line kites by John Barresi, from Revolution Kites, roughly a $717 combined value!

  1. B2 Standard (STD) - $239 value
  2. B2 Mid-Vent (MID) - $239 value
  3. B2 Vented (VTD) - $239 value

This prize package is includes THREE SAILS, SIX FRAMES and 3 sleeves only - no handles, lines, DVDs or other extra items.

All three kites are PURPLE and black, with grey stripes in the venting area.


And just to get the juices flowing...

If you haven't done so already, you can sign up here.

Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/324, and will be drawn on April 1st, 2013!

Our thanks, and very best wishes to you... Let the drooling and banter begin! :mf_swordfight:
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Oh my ! Has John gone nuts ? Golly, and I believe that I'm back in, for this one ? YES!! :ani_whistling: I'll just be waiting, though ! And I was just about to pull the trigger, on a new vented. Oh, what to do, what to do ?

Ditto on the vented... I was wondering if it was going to arrive as bamboo spars and 3 hefty bags with directions for venting. :P

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I have to say...all banter aside... In the short time I have been a member, I have seen some great giveaways. But this one is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! WHAT a PRIZE!

My hat is off to everyone involved in making and keeping Kitelife thriving and looking forward to many years of the best kiting site around! Thank You :ani_victory:

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