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Revolution B2 SUITE ( 4-1-13)

John Barresi

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Y'all are cracking me up!

Hey Barton - You gotta be creative with this RNG ! Believe it or not, that dude is pretty unpredictable, so everybody has their own special technique, which hopefully exerts influence. Maybe, maybe not, but whatever, you gotta try, because you just never know..............

Now I tell you, I'm kinda liking that #1000, that Dust has. My money is on anyone, with "trips". Just something about those three 000's, and those three B2's, that just sounds right. He might just have a winner there, and not know it. I wonder if he would switch numbers with me, just for this drawing ??? :cat_lol:

Hmmmmmmmmm, Hey Dust ............... :gathering: What do you say ?

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Yes, it doesn't seem to be any "sure" pattern as to how the RNG works!! So that means try anything and everything!!! :ani_idea:

Rob - you're already a 3 time winner?? So if some one wins this, they'll only be equal to you?? Win this and you might be called "greedy" by some!!! :ani_giveup: lol !

PS: I'm ducking........now! :cat_lol:

Now, now... I passed on the prize the second time I won... I already had the Widow Maker and I wasn't interested in making a stack... But yes, the third time I won was a triple pack, like this one. And my kids took those over as 'theirs'.... Good thing it was 3 kites, since I have 3 kids. Of course, this package would be good so they could all learn to fly 4 lines together !

Am I the only 3 time winner ? I've been hanging out here too long...

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Rob - I'm rootin' for you man! Android OS ~ Tapatalk2
<br />Gee, thanks Dave...<br /><br />...hang on...<br /><br />You don't mean me!<br /><br />And this is just a ploy to curry favour with the RNG. I'm onto your "Puppet Games"!<br /><br />977<br />977<br /><br /><br />Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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SparkieRob, this time I'm rooting for anyone but me! Puppet games in full effect my friend! MUUUWHHAHAHAHA


Inner prize peace reveals there is only one, and zeros. :matrix:

RNG, old buddy old pal, maybe its time to focus on a different Chakra...... Try WOOOSSAAAAAHH instead of Ommmmmm.

Android OS ~ Tapatalk2

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I'm not sure on how our East Coast buddies would spell it, but everyone gets the thought - RIGHT?

:cat_lol: ~ ~ N O T ~ ~ :cat_lol:

Over here on the RIGHT coast, we spell it - "FUGGETABOUDIT", too

and that's exactly what you ought to do !

:cat_lol: Just fuggetaboudit ! :cat_lol:

For some reason, I feel like that "Sweet Suite", is heading over this way :cat_biggrin:

:rev_clockwork: :rev_clockwork: :rev_clockwork:

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