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Sorry to hear you no longer have time to fly! ...I'm sure there are several of us here that would love to see what you are willing to part with BUT I would suggest keeping atleast one... just in case you find the time!

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yeah i am the type of person i would get back into the sport with the newest and latest..... I am keeping most of display kites ... Gomberg kites are rares.

unfortunately my camera was acting weird ...



1 B1 with ultralight sticks (red/black)

1 B1 mid vent race sticks (red/black)

1 B1 full vent regular sticks (red/black)

1 SLE with professional vertical sticks

1 Rev II original

All are just kite , all kites are well taken care of and not damaged but have been used in several demos.

1 set of regular long controls

1 set of short controls

1 set of spectra string

1 extra set of Race sticks

been out of the kite game so I am willing to take offers

(I hope pictures come out

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Would like to sell as B1's as a package Steve.. but willing to part out the collection kite by kite.. ill respond to PM's make me an offer guys ... I am trying to make sure these kites go to a good place they served me well in my adventure of kiting . Hell even got me to buy a 60 foot octopus at one point.

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yeah but i wanted to show that they have sticks and are taught with them. AGAIN... these kites are in good shape and i can go out and fly them no problem. i stand by that =p

if its a concern and your a serious buyer i can send video of me unwrapping and putting together =P

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